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Wow...another interesting video.....listen to what is said about Biden..

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    by Tugaloo....

    The escorts have to be capable of keeping up to the aircraft carrier or it would lack the protection it requires.
    I posted a link to the escort ships and their top speed matches the carrier's. The carrier's advantage is it's nuclear power is good for decades. Plus, why would they outrun their escorts and get torpedoed?‚Äč
    Excellent point there Tugaloo...and well said.

    The answer is that they would do if so ordered. I recall..there is some kind of maxim....dictum..or olde saying to the effect...all plans go out the window on first contact.......etc etc etc..though that is not what the general public hears in the news media converage of any such event.

    As to this ....

    Many say the bombs saved at least 250,000 lives that would have been lost in an amphibious invasion on the beaches. It war, the lives of our assets are more important than theirs, period.
    Ordinarily ..this would be true...unless dealing with the Whore of Politics..then under certain circumstances..any number of lives appear to be justified...particularly if it can be kept hidden and concealed as to the true motives of the wars.

    The Occult motives..

    My non Ishmaelite 02,


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      As the Littoral ships have over a MPH in speed over the carrier, that will not happen. It would be similar going into combat and leaving one's best protection(s) behind.
      An aircraft carrier is a huge and very valuable asset in war. OTOH, without its protection, it is a sitting duck.

      One difference in Vietnam was it was the first war where Infantry always fought under an artillery umbrella. Steel rain, tact air and helicopter resupplies or gunships were only a radio call away. Even dust off or med evac birds saved soldiers lives with a quick lift to a hospital.

      It isn't "Ordinarily ..this would be true." When one stupidly wastes their assets; they will lack their assets to win tomorrow. Putin can tell those who live in fear we are willing in Ukraine. Here, Americans would know.
      Yes, our news media can lie and hide; however, the information about the Biden crime family or the lying Jan 6th committee are leaking out.

      In the so-called "free world," KIAs can't be hidden because families are informed their sons or daughters were killed in combat, training or whatever.