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The FBI and Personal Liberty

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  • The FBI and Personal Liberty

    This is an interesting article published by the Jewish World review.

    Those of us who monitor the government's destruction of personal liberties have been warning for a generation that government spying is rampant in the U.S., and the feds regularly engage in it as part of law enforcement's well-known antipathy to the Fourth Amendment.

    Last week, the FBI admitted as much.

    After President Richard Nixon resigned the presidency, Congress investigated his abuse of the FBI and CIA as domestic spying agencies. Some of the spying was on political dissenters and some on political opponents. None of it was lawful.

    What is lawful spying? The modern Supreme Court has made it clear that domestic spying is a "search" and the acquisition of data from a search is a "seizure" within the meaning of the Fourth Amendment. That amendment requires a warrant issued by a judge based on probable cause of crime presented under oath to the judge for a search or seizure to be lawful. The amendment also requires that all search warrants specifically describe the place to be searched and the person or thing to be seized.

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    i am thinking that governments get around this by creating a separate court system...the FISA courts..which will operate separate from the regular court system...and often obedient to these Alphabet Agencies and their power....not to the Constitution....or the people.

    This the very reason for creating these separate courts and judges......for the purpose of increasing the power of Administrators....and thus Unlimited Government....or put another way ...the very weaponizing of government against the people and increasing the power of whomever or whatever really runs these Alphabet Agencies. Obviously not the American People

    To me .....someone has not only weaponized these courts and Alphabet Agencies ...but the very Press which is supposed to be free..but clearly has become rigged and controlled by some of these very Alphabet Agencies..

    My non Ishmaelite .02,


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      IMO, it is way too easy for the FISA Court to be mislead by the agency's requests.

      Check out FISA's original purpose

      Just what agency hasn't been weaponized?


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        Thanks for that link Tugaloo.....

        I have bookmarked it for future use. Very interesting.

        Weaponizing an Government Agency to keep and maintain power over the Herd,,,,,,ad infinitum.

        The Two people who taught me.....they taught me something very very interesting...and never to be taught to Americans today versus the nonsense in Amusements so often fed to us to prevent thinking.

        What they taught me ....before the Communist Government in Russia that the Enemy of the Soviet Government in Russia was their own people. it is their own people they have to control to keep and maintain power...and they create enemies or bad guys in the minds of their own people to keep and maintain power....Herding.

        And so too it is with our own government. It is the American people they must keep properly, socially , and politicly herded here in order to keep and maintain control/power. They must have a bad guy.

        What it appears to that they have lost the that they must create new bad keep their power. This, to me, has gotten so bad now that they are creating bad guys out of ordinary Americans who do not think 1984 Style....government approved style as our government tries to increase their power and control over the herd.

        They still try to use/misuse the Russians.....but now this includes the Chinese while our government itself becomes more and more like the CCP. Absolute Power......Divine Right of Kings.

        You gotta have bad guys....good cop/bad cop.

        What I am detecting is that our some level.... is going to make bad guys out of ordinary Americans who mostly want to be left alone. Americans who do not want to be herded. And they are starting with our children and grandchildren....subverting them.

        And I think Social Justice is just such an method..of subverting everyone and everything.
        I think Social Justice is a method of Marxist Wealth others without work and without Risk

        The reason I am thinking in view of this destructive pattern of "The Fallen" and their blame game is that much of this bad guy view is being promoted in our institutions of higher learning. This cannot be accidental...but deliberate. And these students are now become many of our leaders....

        They need us to be dumbed down and afraid.......of any and everything.....with more government intrusion into our lives as the solution.

        Ishmaelites run wild. I think we will be seeing more and more of this.."Fallen" pattern and increasing.
        Manufacturing bad guys amongst our own people ..particularly those who do not want to follow the herd.

        My non Ishmaelite .02,
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          I have too many bookmarks. LOL

          IMO, they fear the over 300 million firearms in law abiding citizen's hands.
          The Antifa is out of control and are well funded and protected. In time, we'd see a repeat of the night of the long knives when Hitler terminated Ernst Rohm and the SA.
          The Antifa rioted in Atlanta. An Antifa named Manuel Paez shot a cop and the cops shot him. The Antifa rioted and Governor Kemp activated the NG.
          "“Georgians respect peaceful protests, but do not tolerate acts of violence against persons or property,” the governor’s order states."
          Georgia Republican Governor Brian Kemp declared a state of emergency on Thursday in anticipation of violent anti-police protests in Atlanta this weekend. 

          Typically Americans are law abiding; however, they do have a limit to how much they will tolerate. IMO, one of the biggest reasons women are buying more firearms than men is defunding the police etc. caused their common sense to kick in.

          Do you mean HS Civics class? Where we were taught reality and not interpreted hogwash. When my daughter was in college; she loved lunchtime when an ex-Infantry captain would debate the liberals.

          They already finished with our children, grandchildren and are awaiting our great grandchildren..

          The Marxists didn't redistribute wealth. They made themselves rich and ignored (screwed?) everyone else. Most communist nations have the mega rich and the totally poor and we are heading in that direction. It is a shame, but you snooze, you lose and too many have snoozed.