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Hurricanes Hanna, Ike, and Josephine!

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  • Hurricanes Hanna, Ike, and Josephine!

    Sooo...Who among us on the Forum is targeted by these monsters? I know Diesel and myself are targeted by Hanna, but who else is in the path of a hurricane and what are you doing to prepare?

    Myself, I've got all the food, water, shelter, tools, and (hopefully) weapons I'll need. I live on a second floor of an apartment in the Piedmont region, so, barring a major global catastrophe, it should be a long while before the waters would ever get bad enough to drown me out.


    My apartment also has a spiral steel staircase, which is excellent home invasion insurance from my stance. Any Zombies coming up to loot and destroy will end up killing themselves running down, especially if chased out with a shotgun.


    The only possible problems will be comfort and computer communication. The place would turn into a hot-box without power, so the Zombies are just as likely to get chased out by the sight of my nudist ace!


    Unfortunately, I don't have an auxillary power source for the computer...yet, so if you don't hear from me for a while after Thursday or Friday, you'll know why. I can only promise that I'll be back online ASAP and barring catastrophe...but if I get lucky, I may be online throughout the whole mess!

    But I still have my cellular phone, my CB radio, car chargers for each, and an 100 Watt AC Inverter for the car to power small appliances if needed. Also, I have signal mirrors plus books and cards with the Morse Code and ground-to-air symbols. So all is not totally lost here.

    As I always tell people:

    "[i]Suavez qui peut! (French for "Save who you can!")
    Root, Hog, or Die!
    Watch Your Six!
    And Keep Your Powder Dry!"
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    "Apocalypse is by no means inevitable." --Jim Rice.

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    Fortunately, I found an ACP Battery Backup before the scheduled coming of Hanna.

    I feel bad for the lives lost in Haiti and those who lost property and power on the East Coast.

    But fortunately, Hanna didn't affect us nearly as bad as others. In fact, from where I'm at, it's just another sunny late-Summer September day!

    Ike still forbodes and I'm still bracing for it, but so far, everything is all right from my end.
    "Apocalypse is by no means inevitable." --Jim Rice.


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      Send some our way

      Awful dry out here in the desert. Could use some of the moisture, but not the tornados.


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        But I still have my cellular phone,
        If a hurricane or some other shit ever hits you, your cellphone, landline, and internet connection will be useless for at least two weeks. The Feds shut down all civilian communication throughout the affected area so that there's no interference with emergency responders' comms. If you want to be able to call out, you need to get a ham radio or a sat-phone. If you have two-way radios for people in your family/group, don't let the cops or emergency personnel see them because you'll get arrested and you'll never get them back. They did it down here after Charley came through.

        I live smack-ass in the middle of Hurricane Alley, so I'm always prepared.


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          First and foremost I hope everybody affected here survived with minimum discomfort. I'm not sure I believe in the evacuation routine, but let's leave that for another topic. Sitting up here in the mid-west I have never been anywhere close to a hurricane, so my only knowledge is based on the media and internet. From what I've seen there seem to be some major problems with evacuations and would like to bring up some questions for discusion.

          1. Every time there is an evacuation ordered the media shows miles & miles of traffic jams, giving the impression that "contra-flow( I think)" doesn't work. Any ideas on what would ease the chaos?

          2. Likewise, we see fuel stations that are out of fuel. Not even concerned about gouging, just plain dry. Any ideas?

          3. Also, those evacuated that wind up in shelters seem to be less than cordial guests. Reports of facilities trashed and general ungratefulness(?) towards their hosts (don't know if it's true, but those are the news reports I see). Solutions?

          4. Trouble getting back home after the event due to #'s 1 & 2 and the gov not allowing people back. Just can't wrap my feeble mind around that. Your thoughts?

          Discussion and ideas would be greatly appreciated.

          TEOTWAWKI happens to all of us everyday. Always be prepared!