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PCC Climate Models Grossly Exaggerate 'Global Warming'

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  • PCC Climate Models Grossly Exaggerate 'Global Warming'

    Several recently published studies have provided methodological objections to alarmist IPCC global climate models that predict catastrophic global warming will result from anthropogenic CO2 atmospheric concentrations from burning hydrocarbon fuels. These studies indicate that a more accurate reading of the earth’s surface temperatures suggests global climate warming over the next few decades will be moderate. The studies further indicate that more precise surface temperature readings would seriously dampen the hysterical mass media demand for radical public policies requiring radical decarbonization to achieve Net Zero Emissions (NZE) as quickly as possible.

    In November 2022, meteorologist Roy Spencer, Ph.D., a Principal Research Scientist at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, published a ground-breaking study demonstrating that 36 climate models used to guide national policy may have exaggerated “global warming” over the last 50 years by as much as 50 percent. Specifically, Dr. Spencer utilized “a relatively new global dataset of urbanization changes over the previous 40-year period, 1975-2014, based on Landsat data to determine the average effect urbanization has had on surface temperatures.” ing.html

    Here is Roy Spencer, Ph.D site
    De-Urbanization of Surface Temperatures with the Landsat-Based “Built-Up” Dataset

    Oops, it appears science shows we've been had again.... As usual.

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    Yup...Ishmaelites run wild....trying to control and instill fear into the Herd....with more government as the solution.

    Divine Right of Kings.....Absolute the hands of the Government.

    I find it sickeningly demonic...that the same government which beat us over the head with Covid and vaccines...and Climiage Change .is doing nothing about the Assault Weapon Fentanyl invasion.

    Catching on yet!!!???

    Again...Divine Right of Kings and or Absolute Power favor of deaths from Assault Weapon Drugs/Fentanyl.....and whatever is coming next...after Fentanyl.

    Talk about nature....Wow!!!

    My non Ishmaelite .02,
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      They are also allowing illegal unvaccinated migrants to cross our borders. Quite a few are carrying diseases

      Might I ask a question or so?
      Who is making the fentanyl?
      The Chinese are and they are selling it to the drug cartels.
      BTW, who's nicknamed China Joe?

      Who had top secret documents and was raided by the FBI?
      Yes, it was Trump; however as the ex-president his residence was guarded the Secret Service.

      Who has top secret documents that were laying around the house, garage and Penn's Biden Center unguarded?
      Where his drug addict son had access?
      And his lawyers who lacked security clearances found and reviewed them?
      Does removed also potentially imply some evidence was removed?

      Which ex-president was considered high uncouth and which president's demeanor is considered highly presidential?

      Is that the definition of highly presidential?

      The caches of top secret documents was no shared until after the midterm elections.

      IMO, the democrats want to divest themselves of the Biden liabilities. They knew about all those top secret documents

      I'm totally fed up with all the bull crap.