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Sanctuary cities seethe as illegal immigrants actually arrive

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  • Sanctuary cities seethe as illegal immigrants actually arrive

    The governors of Texas, Arizona, Florida, etc. are busing or flying illegals to sanctuary cities.

    The decision by GOP leaders to “share” their abundance of foreign migrants with northern cities and states that boast of their sanctuary status is apparently not a gift the Dems appreciate.

    Grab some popcorn and enjoy!

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    I was wondering when this would happen, and the reaction. Pretty much what I thought would happen did. Send em Taco Bell and no tp. Ohh the mess
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      Martha’s Vineyard residents scream 'Not in my Backyard!' I would have never guessed they are racist, white supremacist, xenophobes. The governor called out the National Guard to remove the "migrants."

      The Left accused the governors of human trafficking; however, our elected leaders have been doing the same things.. It doesn't get any more 2 faced.


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        AOC's residence should be the next one to be allowed the privilege of a couple flights of the illegal aliens to stay in residence.


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          You have great ideas..

          All the welcome illegals people need to receive a hundred in their neighborhood.


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            I always thought these people up north can dish it out but cannot take it when it comes back to them.

            I began to catch on to this when reading history of what happened up north pre civil war.....when some of the northern states got a taste of their own medicine.....and got more hostile to the southern states and their representatives in Congress.

            This is what got me to realizing and recognizing that states like New York and Kalifornia....are all of America by default.....and that everything else is flyover country.

            One gets that message when watching/listening to the news. I just don't agree with this silent message via the media and public education.

            I know what is in both the 9th and 10 Amendments to the Constitution of the United States also why these two Amendments were put into our Constitution.....and someone is trying to circumvent give all power to the central government...
            To make an Unlimited Central Government....not limited government.

            Be very very warned of these Ishmaelites....these entitlement minded Ishmaelites.

            Be prepared for another round of this government and their pimps in the media to manufacture bad guys in these state governments who are standing up for their states and their people.

            More Good Cop/Bad the media...and among leadership....more chaos leadersip...

            My non Ishmaelite .02,

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              Portland, San Francisco, NYC ,Chicago, Detroit, 5 cities with massive amounts of buildings being allowed to just rot away. Place them there.


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                Send them home as America can't afford to support them.
                Biden is flying or busing them all over America.

                In Detroit, they give away houses for back taxes or less and there wasn't many takers for a free house. Many were occupied by the homeless or were shooting galleries with used needles all over.
                In 1990 to 1992, I worked in Troy, Michigan. Animal House began at 8 Mile Road. The city flattened old apartment buildings; literally blocks of them. All of America's inner cities aren't any different.

                My favorite bumper sticker in Detroit said The two greatest sights in America are the Grand Canyon and Michigan in the rear view mirror.

                It isn't California, it is Californicator. LOL


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                  That would be the best bet, Venezuela would be good for all that don't say where their from. Its a nice socialist place.


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                    Originally posted by Armyjimbo View Post
                    That would be the best bet, Venezuela would be good for all that don't say where their from. Its a nice socialist place.

                    They aren't socialists anymore; they are progressives now.
                    They can call themselves whatever they want; a turd by any name; however, it is still a smelly turd.

                    Their strength is they blindly follow; if that can be called a strength. One was going on about EVs. I asked if he heard of Toyota's Mirai? He said no. I said no recycling lithium batteries, no risks of toxic fires. Its only emission is water vapor.
                    Range is 400 miles; not under 300 at the best.
                    He said EVs are fast; I said yes, a Tesla etc. are fast, can you afford one? He said no, I said me neither and the affordable ones aren't fast.


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                      It looks good on the hypocrites! Nothing like a bit of honesty.


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                        Originally posted by Garand View Post
                        It looks good on the hypocrites! Nothing like a bit of honesty.
                        Nothing causes the cockroaches to scatter than light being cast on them.


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                          In Martha's Vineyard, the locals came out and gave the migrants a bottle of water as the MG rounded them up and hauled them away.
                          Hypocrites through and through.