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  • Inflation

    After the (p)resident said:
    He insisted that Americans should trust him to handle the issue of inflation, calling it his “top economic priority.”

    “The American people should have confidence that we’re on the right track, that we’re seeing real progress,”
    July did look promising; however, inflation returned in August.

    Food and non-alcoholic beverages 11.49%, housing 9.42%, transport 11.42%, utilities 14.26

    OTOH, we can can count on the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 to increase the national debt and that's about it..

    Continuously Updated US National Debt Clock Real Time US Debt Clock, Mortgage Calculator, Loan Calculator

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    It's going to get worse before it gets better, what with supply chain issues.


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      Not good..

      Locally, if it isn't in stock; it states:
      How To Get it
      This product is currently out of stock.


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        It will put a crimp in the supply chain, and shows why a properly supplied household has more than tomorrow's groceries on hand. Grow light in at the Purolator pick up!


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          We live 20 or so miles from a small (under 9K) town. Three churches have food banks and another one that is not affiliated with a church. They buy canned vegetables for 8 cents a can and local chicken farms donate eggs. As there is no limit on harvesting feral hogs; hunters donate them to be butchered, packaged and frozen to the food banks.
          As our government wishes inflation and a stagnant economy away.


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            They would be more appreciative if everyone except the cabel were dependent on the government for everything, including food transport, news, etc. I wonder why that is?

            Having a to and fro with someone on another forum about hand gun freeze here in Kanuckistan. He claims his great grandparents left Germany because of "facists", and how people were treated in the 1930's. I have tried to explain how the mustache man, started regulating all sorts of things including movement and possession of firearms. Creating seperate levels of citizenship etc, but as you can't fix stupid he's all in favor of all our new laws that are skirting on illegality and violating our rights. Sigh


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              On the news, it appears the train strike might be resolved. One of their demands is, of course more money. With the average for inflation at 9.14%, who can blame them. My SS and VA benefits increased.

              Our government doesn't include everything so theirs is less.

              Both our nations are filled with people who have been brainwashed and can't believe they've taken in. Very true, you can't fix stupid.

              Australia forced people to turn in their weapons

              Where we live is remote, so there is always a firearm close.

              The county commissioners approved our homestead application. Saves us from paying the $1000 school tax.


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                way to go homesteader is a rare title, and it saves 1000$ . Good on ya!
                Home invasion would happen less, with less strict laws. of course there would be a rise in defensive type shootings i think