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  • What is going on

    This is seriously scary:

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    While it may seem like a comedy channel, this guy hits some real facts about how the left side of stupid is. This studies the unusual amounts of "deaths due to unknown causes." He seems to have a faily good grip on reality, and goes after the main points of issues.


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      Someone somewhere on the web posted what Dr. Ngozi Ezike said. I thought what a sack of manure; however, with the name Ngozi Ezike, she ought to be easy to find.

      The title is "Dr. Ngozi Ezike How COVID Deaths are Classified" it was uploaded to YouTube on April 27, 2020.
      The short form is no matter how a person died; if they tested positive for COVID, the cause of death was COVID.

      We must admit even when the truth is available; the agenda driven media hides it.


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        Yes they also tried that trick up here. The lid came off when a stage 4 cancer patient died and the officially released versionwas CV, but the official autopsy report was cancer. Lawsuit ensued and it changed. So now people like you and I should always ask OF or WITH?


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          Originally posted by Armyjimbo View Post
          Yes they also tried that trick up here. The lid came off when a stage 4 cancer patient died and the officially released versionwas CV, but the official autopsy report was cancer. Lawsuit ensued and it changed. So now people like you and I should always ask OF or WITH?
          Isn't amazing how very few have asked WTH is going on?

          Even the link I posted from NCBI, NIM, NIH dot gov after they admit the problems went on to say how wonderful the shot is?
          Why is that; well, it seems they cling to the party line no matter what.

          Here's more: Embalmers finding strange, fibrous clots unlike normal blood. Huh??

          Do a search for Robert Malone and vaccinating children.


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            When there is not much going on at work...and at 10 PM at night....I let the crew members know where to find me....also the boss has my cell phone.....

            I step out back to my 40 foot piece of rolled up wire.....and hook it up to my Tecsun PL 660 Short wave set...and tune in at 10PM to 4.840 MHZ....AM mode.

            I listen to Alex Jones on shortwave...and get versions of the news not covered by the MSM. Alex has been covering a great deal of what is in that article linked above...and it is very interesting.

            This also makes one aware of how much official Censorship is going on out here. Someone is trying heavily to control the narrative and thus keep America and Americans properly and socially Herded. NO free market of ideas and thoughts...only a rigged marketplace.

            We also know this about a Rigged Marketplace because of what they are trying to do with Electric Cars.

            If a product is good ...useful...and at the right price...the marketplace will flock to it. It will be almost a stampede. So to speak.

            Certain restaurants about town are prime examples of this free marketplace taking place...the word gets out fast about these places.

            People know where there is good value,,,at the right price...and thus demand.

            You do not see this about electric cars...and government subsidies are the tell tale evidence that the marketplace is not going for electric cars.

            And in similar manner...iti is so with the vaccine...a huge government subsidy on this to keep people socially and politically herded.

            And now the truth about the vaccine is slowly coming out and building up steam...

            Ishmaelites running wild to keep control of the herd.....Da Tovarich????

            My non Ishmaelite .02,


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              Buy an EV and discover our power gird is falling short of our needs for power. Brown outs, rolling blackouts and more. BTW, to our mainstream media, that is not news.

              Here's a couple of other examples of withholding the truth from the American people.

              IMO, the whole COVID pandemic was all about money.
              Gov. Kathy Hochul had New Yorkers pay twice as much for COVID tests from a company tied to nearly $300,000 in donations to her campaign compared to other state vendors, a new report details, raising fresh concerns of alleged pay-to-play behavior ahead of the Nov. 8 election.

              “Whether it was pay-to-play or total incompetence – New York taxpayers and then the federal taxpayers got massively ripped off,” John Kaehny, of the good-government group Reinvent Albany, said of the Digital Gadgets deal funded by New York taxpayers with the help of federal relief aid.
              “We’re in a different place now,” Hochul told reporters in Manhattan as a midnight deadline loomed to extend two executive orders for another month.

              The Times Union reported in July that Tebele and his family members have donated nearly $300,000 to Hochul’s campaign, including $70,000 before last winter. That's when Hochul's administration signed two purchase orders to buy $637 million in tests. Tebele subsequently hosted a campaign fundraiser for Hochul in April, records show.

              The CDC article mentioned blood clots; returned to hyping the miracles of the jab.

              Embalmers are reporting seeing more than CDC admits.



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                I was for some reason dubious about the Vaccine from the beginning.

                What came to convince me about the vaccine is the number of people who had the vaccine and even boosters who were getting Covid..

                I can remember as a kid getting the Polio Vaccine. People were very very afraid of their children getting Polio. And for the most part...that vaccine seemed to work. So too with Smallpox..

                It is not the same with this Covid Vaccine.

                But you members make up your own minds...

                I do have great concerns for Friends I know who have been vaccinated....even boosted...

                My non Ishmaelite .02,


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                  The COVID vaccine risks were always there as were safe alternative treatments.

                  Even today after a warning by Dr. Robert Malone, "immunologist, virologist, top researcher and inventor of the mRNA vaccine technology is speaking out to warn parents against Covid shots for children."

                  Unfortunately, CDC and other medical professionals chose to ignore the inventor of the vaccine they are mandating.

                  Remember, during the panic of the COVID pandemic, it was easy to ostracize anyone who dared disagree with the "jab." Almost everyone joined the lynch mob. The very people who screamed follow the science made a choice to ignore the science. Perhaps, Follow the money was a better choice?

                  I did my own search and suggest everyone does their own search for Robert Malone and vaccinating children

                  BTW, the aftereffects include more than children as the second link above states.

                  The problems with the Polio vaccine were linked to one of the government approved labs who made the vaccine.
                  About 120,000 children were injected with vaccine from a California laboratory that accidentally contained live polio virus. The result was disastrous.

                  In what became known as the Cutter incident, some lots of the Cutter vaccine—despite passing required safety tests—contained live polio virus in what was supposed to be an inactivated-virus vaccine. Cutter withdrew its vaccine from the market on April 27 after vaccine-associated cases were reported.

                  The mistake produced 120,000 doses of polio vaccine that contained live polio virus. Of children who received the vaccine, 40,000 developed abortive poliomyelitis (a form of the disease that does not involve the central nervous system), 56 developed paralytic poliomyelitis—and of these, five children died from polio.

                  I did my own search and suggest everyone does their own search for Cutter Labs and polio vaccine.


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                    I've had none of the covid jabs and I havent had covid, but then I'm a recluse and stay away from crowded places.


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                      I was immediately suspicious because of the "Novel Virus" that nobody had heard of was released. Within 6 months they had a wundervaxx that was to be given without liability to the world. Yet nobody asked how many of what countries were dieing, what was the demographics, of or with? Then after a while the attempted 55 year hush period sealed the deal on the whole issue. The way china and Fauci claimed it was a wet market when the Who ham labs was there along with the SARS leak or was it Avian flu, epicenter. Yes don't go away angry big farma, just go away.


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                        We can bet Fauci will be a consultant for big Pharma. He also is named on patents and gets royalties. Someone said he donates the money to charities. Which also means he will pay less taxes on his $450K retirement..