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Democrat-Led House Passes ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban

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  • Democrat-Led House Passes ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban

    NSSF general counsel Larry Keane criticized Friday’s passage of the ban for the tactics Democrats used to secure passage, saying, “This legislation is as dangerous as it is revealing of the contempt for which the House Democrats hold for the Constitution and the U.S. Supreme Court.”

    Keane added, “Chairman Jerrold Nadler admitted during debate in his committee that he didn’t care the legislation was unconstitutional and defied Supreme Court precedent. Democratic representatives are not fulfilling the interest of ‘the People,’ instead representing special-interest gun control groups that seek to disarm law-abiding citizens and scapegoat them for crimes committed by others.”

    Obviously, the democrats are out of line, way out of line; even worse, they could care less about the Constitution and our Supreme Court.

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    Well it's a great base to build a suit against the federal government. Obviously it's something that shouldn't require doing though


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      The Panel investigating the January 6th riot:
      Having gone unchecked, the House Jan. 6 Select Committee is spinning a one-sided tale and has even been "caught" in "eight different lies," if not more "we have no idea of," according to Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, on Newsmax.

      That isn't nearly all of them and certainly not worth subscribing to learn the rest of them..
      IMO, nothing will happen.

      A Roman Poet, Roman poet Juvenal wrote: Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? It translates literally translated as "Who will guard the guards themselves?"


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        Not sure how far or fast this one will go but have any of you heard of HR 8051???

        I suspect a lot of fast ones will er pulled to get this one passed with minimum opposition...and or just enough to make a just before Congress goes on recess...

        H.R.8051 - 117th Congress (2021-2022): Assault Weapons Excise Act | | Library of Congress

        Be Warned of these Ishmaelites.

        Not an Ishmaelite.


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          By banning force equalizers and many hunting firearms; Congress is protecting their voter base.
          Call 911 as the police have defunded; hope you're lucky and a cop gets there before you're dead, maimed or raped.



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            Yes it's their way to attempt to strip you of anything you could defend yourself with. Very much like mustache man did in the 30's. Get them to blame all the people who don't have right-thinking. Strip away defenses one by one, before anyone catches on.


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              Ordering people to shelter in place without martial law is illegal.
              Ignoring a SCOTUS ruling is illegal.
              The democrats are drunk from their COVID powers and now, they are after our 2nd Amendment Rights.


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                It does not matter. The Supreme Court has stopped every attempt to pass this type of law. Put your trust in the court on this subject!!!


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                  Well at least y'all have the 2nd ammendment. In Canada it seems our SC doesn't believe things like some people don't trust the government for a reason, so no freedoms for us.


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                    Ordering people to shelter in place without a duly declared martial law is illegal.

                    Ignoring a SCOTUS ruling is illegal.

                    The democrats are drunk from their COVID powers and now, they are after our 2nd Amendment Rights.

                    Hopefully, they will lose control after the midterms.

                    Joe Biden actually threatened Americans with F15s; he is mentally deranged.


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                      by RichFL..

                      I don't think this is a good idea...

                      It does not matter. The Supreme Court has stopped every attempt to pass this type of law. Put your trust in the court on this subject!!!

                      Your Supreme Court make up can change from administration to the political parties try to rig even the Supreme Court so that they can rig the laws.

                      Would an Administration working to rig the Supreme Court against the rights and liberties of Americans....Rig an Election???

                      Want to see Assault Weapons nonsense....try thinking for a change....toss the MSM nonsense out the window and do some of your own thinking......

                      To do this you have to have independent thinking and information..

                      What is the Assault Weapons death toll from this drug called Fentanyl??? Catching on yet??? Notice even the phony Republicans are not talking much about this death toll??? And they are worried about the public being armed???

                      Do you see a pattern here..Catching on yet???

                      Can you say ...gaslighting???

                      Once you realize this you can catch on to the deafening silence on this death toll from both political parties.Now none of you have to buy this...but be careful what you think is gang activity.....and mass

                      It never seems to occur to the average television and or movie trained American that both political parties might in fact be gangs????

                      Once you notice the silence on certain topics...your thinking may change....

                      Teach yourself to spot the questions and line of thinking no one wants you to know or ask.

                      What about the high Assault Weapons death toll from Fentanyl.??? Is Fentanyl...more effective than Assault Weapons in the American Death toll????

                      Now once you know...take a closer look at our leadership!!! Then think for yourselves.s..and your children/families!!!!

                      Be warned of these Ishmaelites who would leave us in ignorance and thus in their form of Bondage!!!

                      And they do not trust us to be armed??? Catching on yet??? Now take a closer look at the MSM shilling and pimping for the body politics!!!!

                      Be Warned of these Ishmaelites..

                      My Non Ishmaelite .02,
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                        EGG ZACHERY Our Canadian government pulled a trick similar to that. 1700+types of firearms prohibited including ALL rifles based on the AR 15, this includes the Mossberg Tac Plinkster 22LR. Another is a bolt action 12g, claiming they are VARIANTS of the AR, without stating what constitutes it being so. Firearms that you could hunt with the day before, are now as deadly as landmines, handgrenades, and actual machine guns. Now they've made it illegal to import handguns, soon we won't be able to sell them. What we individually hold is all we can ever have. With NO chance of passing them on to other generations.
                        I'm not woke, I'm awake.


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                          Hopefully more people will wake up.

                          In too many blue cities, the police have been defunded while looting, arson and more are commonplace.

                          COVID has shown the Leftists just how much they can get away.


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                            Kyle Rittenhouse's 3 shots were more effective than big pharma. Odd thing is out of the masses there he hit 3 convicted criminals , funny that eh?


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                              I'm not too sure as IMO, the masses were mostly convicted criminals.