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Are these pepople really that fallen, that Demonic

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  • Are these pepople really that fallen, that Demonic

    Are these pepople really that fallen, that Demonic

    Took a ride across the river with my lady friend and we did some shopping out in the country. We like it better out there than do we here in the city.

    While there out in the country I also stopped by my favorite gun shop and managed to find two one pound cans of of IMR 4320 and one of H4831....and purchased both.

    Also researched the possibility of purchasing a semi auto in .308 Winchester calibration...sometimes called 7.62 x 51mm hurry to make this purchase...none at all. Just looking around.

    Nonetheless...while on this journey out to the country we passed a lot of gas stations and I observed the prices...and of course my mind tended to run down rabid trails as usually it does.

    As some of you know...I have been making posts on inflation..and the nature of inflation and its ability to control and or regulate the herd...

    I am referring specifically to the trend line of government deliberately manufacturing inflation by rabid borrowing/deficit spending and thus injecting huge amounts of capital into the economy and thus raising prices to everyone out here.

    What this does over time is raise the costs to everyone and everything in the economy......except for government who has the ability to put this off on the taxpayer. is what finally came to me in all my sometimes rabid musings....down sometimes weird trails...

    And that is ...that the purpose of all this manufactured inflation...and it's attendant blame to control the herd....force us kicking and screaming ....protesting all the way ....into the new world order green deal....against our will and over our objections.....

    To force us if need be into electric cars and any other "Social and Economic limits the government or whomever is the real American Government..wants and needs to put us to suppor the Internationalist Green New Deal.

    Here is what you need to know....need to be thinking about ...

    Such manufactured inflation...and its controls over the way Americans think and behave is totally against Adam Smith and his teachings on is a rigged bring us into the Ishmaelite Bondage of the Green New Deal...

    This whole government manufactured inflation to the tune of Trillions and Trillions of dollars a violation of everything which Free Market Capitalization stands for ..a violation of all people to make free choices.....

    It is Government deliberately and demonically removing from us free choices by economic manipulation through manufacturing inflation...rising costs.

    It is economic theft......stealing from us our free is rigging the marketplace in favor of government or whomever is the true American Government..

    The True name for inflation, according to olde Treasury and Federal Reserve Documents is Depreciation ....the loss i purchasing power of our dollar....making things cost more.....

    They will tell you that Depreciation/Inflation is in fact..disguised taxation. Thus meaning people are being taxed twice...once when you earn your monies and again when you spend it.

    Want to know why people are angry....???? Most of them do not know this about Inflation/Depreciation....that it is disguised taxation.

    Are those guys in the No Spin Zone willing to tell you this??? Think long and hard on this one...about Ishmaelite Bondage......Knowledge is Power!!!

    I have concluded that someone secretly running the United States Government is determined to limit our freedoms and putting us into social and economic bondage...Ishmael...and thus bring us by default ..into the new Green Deal...without most of us knowing or recognizing it is going on.

    And Inflation appears to be the tool they will use to force us to do what they cannot do by passing laws...the American People will not stand for passing laws...

    So the real Secret Feudal rulers of America are determined to use/misuse the inflation/depreciation route...

    This is is also as I am oft want to describe ....a non representative governmetn....

    It is not a Limited Representative Government..

    It is Ishmael run amok....

    Be Warned these wild...

    My non Ishmaelite .02,


  • #2 is part two..for those of us who can think past ESPN and or the famed Kardashians....

    If this government will rig the marketplace against us to bring us kicking and screaming into the Green New Deal.......

    Will they rig an election to help usher in this Green New Deal????

    Be Warned these Ishmaelites...who would put us into their Ishmaelite any means!!!

    My non Ishmaelite .02,


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      We agree with y'alls about country vs. suburban or urban. OTOH, at 17 miles from there nearest town of under 9K, we are a bit farther out than most.
      There's a pressure difference between the .308 and 7.62x51.
      The military brass is thicker; so adjust appropriately.
      7.62x51 is an excellent caliber, not as potent as the .30 CAL.

      It appears, inflation and empty shelves have changed people's minds about our rudderless leader. His approval rating is dropping as fast as you'd drop a hot rock. Consistently making the wrong decision inflating costs and creating empty shelves is not wise for a politician or his political party.
      People haven't figured it out the electric cars yet. In time, they will. The only free cheese is in a mouse trap.

      Time will tell if we as a nation have a chance or not.