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here we go again...the "Usual Suspects."

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  • here we go again...the "Usual Suspects." we go again..."The Usual Suspects!!"

    The Usual Suspects again....they cannot change their spots....and I think this is going to be important for Americans to survive as this Administration proves themselves to be racism and sexism Co Dependent for power and control over the Herd. we go.....

    I was wondering how long before the White House with their new Press Secretary fell back on the use/usage of the predictable MO of ...
    The Dependency Of The Left On Systemic Racism And Victimization."

    Here we have it did not take long...and confirms this standard predictable MO/METHOD OF OPERATION of the left and this White House

    Once again....this is not important ...and the White House should be "leading"...not reactionary...but they cannot change their spots..

    Russian pundits attack new White House press secretary in racist and sexist spiels (

    Also I did not know this woman was gay..and I am not interested in her sex life or pedigree...only that she can represent herself well in that job.
    I have no interest in whether she was first in any of those categories...none!!

    I hold no hope that this White House can ever rise above their co dependency on racism and or sexism...and with those MO's represent all of Americans and America instead of their very low form of Identity Leadership and or Identity Politics.

    I suspect that many Americans are beginning to voice their views and or opposition/disgust to this standard bill of fare from this White House of identity leadership and Identity politics.

    That their need to hold on to power in this White House and Administration is based on division....not unity ..on catering to certain identities...not to all Americans...that they are dividers and not uniters....not leaders...

    The next question is......whether this is where the office of Disinformation comes in in the future??? To help them continue to hold America and Americans hostage and in Ishmaelite bondage to their low form of Identity politics/leadership for power and control....along with a Pimping media. Herders...not leaders... A non representative government...

    My non Ishmaelite .02,

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    I will be watching and observing for more of this particular co dependency of this White House keep Americans properly herded to their Identity politics....and thus show lack of judgement and or leadership.

    My Non Ishmaelite .02,


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      It goes well beyond codendency as this administration is totally incompetent in every issue it has faced. Many European leaders visited Ukraine, our president sent his wife; so we can add gutless to the list.

      Washington State's gas pumps are being reprogrammed so they are prepared for $10.00 per gallon and higher.
      Guess what our government did to help Americans?

      Here's another example of a failed presidency:

      The Biden administration is so far off the needs of the nation it is pathetic.

      Identity politics is failing

      BTW, this isn't political; it is the reality we are all living in. Reality is available; however, we won't find it on our news media.


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        Apparently Psaki's replacement over the last 5 years or so makes a habit of pulling out the race card quite a lot. I watched portions of the first 2 briefings, this was not an upward move for the White House.


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          (p)Saki's replacement serves the same word salad as Kamala does.


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            by Garand

            Apparently Psaki's replacement over the last 5 years or so makes a habit of pulling out the race card quite a lot. I watched portions of the first 2 briefings, this was not an upward move for the White House.
            I am not so sure that the goal for the White House is in fact an upward move....

            I am thinking it is a downward move...

            For people moving downward need more government to manage everything in their lives..

            All they have to do is successfully label and stigmatize everyone with this downward move/identity...and they come up with genius programs like Disinformation keep everyone properly herded.

            Da Tovarich!!???

            By Tugaloo...

            Saki's replacement serves the same word salad as Kamala does.
            Wow!!! Are they clones??? Did they go to the same indoctrination courses??? Are they Xerox Copies???

            Running the same Compact Disk???

            Are they Ishmaelite copies???

            My Non Ishmaelite .02,


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              This White House is in a downward spiral.

              If some need the government to manage their lives; they certainly picked the wrong government.

              The woman in charge resigned and they are rethinking the idea..
              If you enjoy a dose of damage control:

              It goes from bad to worse; OTOH, it is consistent.

              The CD player's tray is empty. It's a common malady in this administration.

              Here's a new word: Leftugees or those fleeing the crime ridden blue states.