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Do you believe in UFOs?

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  • Do you believe in UFOs?

    If you answered no? Well, you are wrong, UFOs do exist and here are links from the US Navy jets who filmed UFOs.

    If you'd enjoy seeing more? Go to YouTube and search for US Navy and UFOs or click:

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    I believe in possibilities. That in this universe of ours, there isn't a single planet somewhere capable of creating life is too far fetched. There's uncounted millions of planets that COULD support life. To deny that is sheer stupidity, it even has a formula to attempt to figure it out. The question then becomes how intelligent, advanced is it.

    Drake equation, also called Green Bank equation, equation that purports to yield the number N of technically advanced civilizations in the Milky Way Galaxy as a function of other astronomical, biological, and psychological factors. Formulated in large part by the U.S. astrophysicist Frank Drake, it was first discussed in 1961 at a conference on the “search for extraterrestrial intelligence” (SETI), held at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory in Green Bank, W.Va. The equation statesN = R*fpneflfifcL.

    The factor R* is the mean rate of star formation in the Galaxy; fp the fraction of stars with planetary systems; ne the number of planets in such systems that are ecologically suitable for the origin of life; fl the fraction of such planets on which life in fact develops; fi the fraction of such planets on which life evolves to an intelligent form; fc the fraction of such worlds in which the intelligent life form invents high technology capable at least of interstellar radio communication; and L, the average lifetime of such advanced civilizations. These numbers are poorly known, and the uncertainty increases progressively with each factor on the right-hand side of the equation. Widely quoted but at best vaguely known values for these factors are: R* = 10/yr, fp = 0.5, ne = 2, fl = 1, fi fc = 0.01, and thus N = L/10. Accordingly, if civilizations characteristically destroy themselves within a decade of achieving radio astronomy, which is taken as a marker of an advanced civilization, then N = l, and there are no other intelligent life forms in the Galaxy with whom terrestrial researchers can communicate. If, on the other hand, it is assumed that one percent of the civilizations learn to live with the technology of mass destruction and themselves, then N = 1,000,000, and the nearest advanced civilization would be on average a few hundred light-years awa


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      Obviously, there is other intelligent life or the Navy is wasting a lot of jet fuel chasing them.. ;)

      What I find humorous is the variety of statements claiming everything from they are top secret projects from Area 51 to it's a hoax.
      One of the best was Congress needs to figure this out.. Congress figure it out? ROFL


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        In August of 1970, it was a moonless night, clear, and still warm here in Wisconsin.I was driving with my mother back to the farm after visiting my brother in the hospital. A very bright light hit the road ahead of us from above. I stopped the car and we got to see what was going on. A solid round object was floating about 100’ just above the tree tops. We saw it move following the road. It continued for about 5 minutes then some cops went running passed our car speeding with lights on, following it. We started to follow them. I stopped in a farm pastured watching it move first one way then the other, always making a 90 degree turn.

        2 years later I was a door gunner on helios. I have seen every type of aircraft from Helios to the SR-71, riding in a lot of them for over 50 years! Nothing has Ever come close to what that craft did. No sound, no air movement, nothing but that round shape moving and that bright light.

        Yes I do believe in them. To think that out of the millions of systems in our galaxy that we are all alone is just stupid!
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          The Navy gun camera films was plenty of proof for me.
          One of my car buds is an aerodynamic engineer who watched a bunch of those films. Whatever it was defies the laws of physics as we know them.