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Thought you folks might find this interesting

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  • Thought you folks might find this interesting

    I do not watch TV much, except cooking shows and the occasional movie, I get most of my news from the radio and the internet. I like other perspectives from other countries. Thought you may find this interesting.

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    Yet another article.

    What the heck has happened to Western Civilization? The Greeks, Romans, Germanic Princes and Vlad the Impaler are rolling over in their graves. The Muslim invaders have won without firing a shot because the Euro-Trash leaders are cowards. 1 of 2 things will happen. Either Europe goes Islamic, or they develop a serious reign of terror to purge themselves of the Islamists.

    I blame the US for this mess. We taught the Euro's that it is better to tolerate and accept evil as an equal then to oppose it. Did they learn nothing from Neville Chamberlain?


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      Thought you folks might find this interesting

      Rusty, I'm all with you. We in the U.S. need to take our ball and go home from the U.N. and, of course, kick that nest of tyrants and criminals out of their Headquarters. That'll show 'em!

      I've long thought that the U.N. Headquarters would be better used if we not only kicked out the U.N. Organization, but kept the territory soveriegn from any nation-state, then converted the building into a complex of bars, casinos, brothels, drug-dens, pirate radio stations, and indoor shooting ranges in the underground parking area. The Headquarters building would then be a true symbol of freedom instead of a symbol of One-World global conquest.

      :cool: :D

      As for Eurabia, maybe if we withdrew our forces from N.A.T.O. and weaned those nations off of our military aid, those nations would have to pay the bill for their own defense, which means they would have to cut or eliminate their Welfare States, which means the Islamofascist invaders would either starve or go home.

      As Werner Keller rightly observed in his book of the same title: East Minus West Equals Zero.
      "Apocalypse is by no means inevitable." --Jim Rice.


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        Good thought.

        I am more in favor of just getting our folks out of the rest of the world period and bringing them home, defending our borders and influencing the rest of the world via our merchants. Trade is more influential then war, for the most part.


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          Thought you folks might find this interesting


          You wrote:

          I am more in favor of just getting our folks out of the rest of the world period and bringing them home, defending our borders and influencing the rest of the world via our merchants. Trade is more influential then war, for the most part.
          I would consider myself non-interventionist on many things, but too hawkish to be totally isolationist. My foreign policy would best be called: "Start-No-Fights-But-Be-Ready-To-Finish-'Em-ism"

          I do favor getting the U.S. out of the foreign aid business, out of the U.N., out of N.A.T.O., out of Japan, and--as fast as Al-Qaeda and other Islamofascists are eliminated--out of the Middle East.

          This latter is a stickler, but sadly necessary. To let the Islamofascists know we mean business, we really have no choice but to avenge ourselves against the mass-murderers of 9/11 and their supporters. This should be a Constitutionally-declared war, not a "police action," and we should be using the most advanced air power, satellite power, and elite Rangers/Special Forces/SEALS/Marine Recon and Snipers/Delta Force/CIA teams...all without limits.

          Moreover, we should also defund and destroy Islamofascism with energy independence via more oil drilling, more coal-mining, more tapping of natural gas, more nuclear power, and free-market, non-governmental alternative energy. It would also help defund and destroy Middle East narco-terrorism if we in the U.S. had cheap, home-grown, legal narcotics crops of our own.

          As for Russia and Red China, we should stop extending them technology, money, credit, and foreign aid and let the last vestiges of Communism collapse. This could have happened much sooner in 1921 if the U.S. didn't send food relief and prop up Lenin's regime and New Economic Plan. I'm all for trade between private individuals and companies, but not under the aegis of deals between governments.

          In any case, the bulk of our Armed Forces should be covering the entire perimeter of both Northern and Southern borders, all coastlines, and our entire airspace, with Geiger Counters, Ion Mass Spectrometers, and other NBC weapons detectors at every port and point of entry. No one should be able to enter this nation until they pass muster with a record free of any criminal, terrorist, or tyrannical ties and prove themselves to be self-sustaining or supported by voluntary sponsorshp.
          "Apocalypse is by no means inevitable." --Jim Rice.


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            781 active military bases OUTSIDE of the US are garrisoned by the US Armed Forces not counting carrier groups that are basically mobile bases.

            781 bases. Do you really think the US will ever become an isolationist super power? The Romans had SEVEN bases to rule North Africa, the Middle East and Europe. Great Britain had 41 for the same plus India/Australia and most of the Pacific.

            Pax Americana is a fact. The world is a complicated place, are the other world powers going to stand for such a situation? The current anti-American attitudes isn't so hard to understand when you realize we are not a warm friendly uncle sugar saving Europe from totalitarianism any longer.

            If we could control the world through economics we would be doing it. We can't even come close to China there and we know it.


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              Eventually, those who are ruled will overthrow the rulers. Even though we rule with a velvet glove.