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    At the age of 77 I have suddenly found myself ill. Really ill. Started with pneumonia (and yes I was up on my pneumonia vaccine along with my flu vac) and went down hill from there. No I did not have Covid. I was tested for it daily the 3 days I was in the hospital and it always came back negative. Just plain old garden variety pneumonia that responded to treatment and cleared up within a few days after treatment started. Many x-rays and other tests found another problem.

    Uptake being me sitting in chemo room being treated for a single small nodule in my upper left lung next to a life long acquaintance who had received their Covid vac the same time I did....we saw and spoke to each other at that time. This person was saying that they had NO health problems until they received the Covid vac. None what so ever. Then turned to me and said I could attest to the same happening to me cause I had to shot at the same time.

    I was speechless for a few seconds! After regaining my voice I said I thought that smoking for 30 years had more to do with having cancer than the Covid vaccine and I quit a couple of years ago and were they not STILL smoking?

    Needless to say they no longer choose to sit by me when having our chemo.

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    Ah, yes, correlation does not prove causation, and too little logic is a very dangerous thing....

    Good Call.

    My very best hopes for your full recovery, else several merry decades of remission...

    And, yes, I'm posting at this weird time, ~0440 local, thanks to a 'benign-enlarged prostate' that takes me to wash-room with monotonous regularity. Especially at night.

    FWIW, I got used to broken nights caring for my dear wife (RIP). I learned to go from 'Zees' to 'I-GOT-IT' in a matter of seconds, then back to sleep literally before my head hit pillow. Meant I could not take sleeping pills, booze, or anything else that might impair my wits. In pollen-season, I even had to ration my anti-histamines. If a 'designated carer' is 'functionally sub-optimal' due exhaustion, that's 'acceptable'. Being even slightly drunk or stoned is not....

    Upside, I've a crate of books, 'New Scientist' and 'Fortean Times' mags in wash-room, plus a couple of 'reporter' notepads where I doodle notions. If I have to re-write a story scene ten, twenty or lost-count times before it comes good, 'Gotcha' break-through will probably come while I'm half-asleep, waiting for the last ounce / 10 ml to drain, drip-wise with yawning...

    In this case, figuring floor-plan of building in tale: Sleepily sketching from memory, serendipitously putting a door-width 'jog' here rather than there on ground floor forced a cascade of consequence which resolved a contention on other side of building on upper storey...
    Gotcha !!
    Downside, it gave me such a buzz, it jolted me wide awake...
    But that's wearing off. In five minutes or so, I'll be able to sprawl onto bed and go out like a light...


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      Lol funny! Me I never smoked but not only thyroid cancer buy now congested heart failure. Dam it's hard when you get old!!!


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        I had pneumonia, it reminded me of the soreness created by a a few punches in the ribs.

        Some people get a bad reaction to the COVID vaccines. I believe our bodies react differently to vaccines, spicy food or whatever. Although this sounds ridiculous, a glass of some beers give me a headache from just one glass.

        The ignorance of people's comments never fail to surprise me.

        Curtesy of 30 months in SE Asia, I'm Agent Orange positive. I'm on a 3 year watch list or every 3 years, I get a colonoscopy. The first couple removed a few precancerous polyps from my large intestine. A gastroenterologist advised me to take selenium and since then all the gastroenterologist finds are polyps.

        Think positive and do whatever it takes to keep your strength up.


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          I posted that the CDC stated no unvaccinated people should be allowed to enter the US and illegals are crossing our borders. I stand corrected.

          In other news:
          President Joe Biden's new vaccine mandates for federal employees don't apply to members of Congress or those who work for Congress or the federal court system.
          Nancy Pelosi stated: "The New York Times reported on Thursday that the executive order doesn't apply to those who work for Congress or the federal courts, citing White House officials.

          Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said at a press conference on April 29 that the House couldn't require members to be vaccinated. Video clips of those remarks gained renewed attention online following Biden's announcement.

          "So—so here is the thing. We are—we cannot require someone to be vaccinated. That's just not what we can do. It is a matter of privacy to know who is or who isn't," Pelosi said."

          I'm vaccinated, I will get the booster and I believe to stop the pandemic everyone should do the same thing. However, why are some people are exempt? What happened to all men (mankind) are created equal?