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    As the US struggles to suppress the rapidly advancing coronavirus Delta variant, new evidence has emerged that the latest Lambda mutation — ravaging parts of South America — won’t be slowed by vaccines.
    The Lambda variant is thought to have emerged somewhere in South America between November and December 2020, and has since turned up in countries throughout Europe, North America and a few more isolated cases in Asia, according to GISAID data.

    Lambda (also known as C.37) was first detected in Peru in August 2020 and has spread to 29 countries, many in Latin America. And, since January 20, 2021, 668 Lambda infections have been reported in the United States. In Peru, Lambda is now responsible for more than 90 percent of new COVID-19 cases, a steep rise from less than 0.5 percent in December. The country has already suffered the world’s worst mortality due to COVID-19; the disease has killed about 0.54 percent of the population.

    Obviously, COVID Lambda has crossed our borders, it's a nice time to have porous borders..

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    Two ways to look at it:

    Lambda will surely knock down a lot of people who dismissed Covid as any threat, ignored warnings and precautions, are now discovering Delta is real-nasty. Especially if un-masked and/or un-vaccinated, as prior infection with any earlier strain seems to confer too narrow an immunity.

    Hey, Covid is a 'young' zoonotic, will gallop through a lot of mutations in its new host-species (Us, damnit !!) before it settles down...

    IIRC, four of every five Covid hospital admissions in US and Europe are now people who were eligible for vaccination, but refused.

    If Lambda is worse than Delta, regardless of current vaccinations' efficacy, one thing is certain: the 'Western' vaccines may not prevent you catching Covid, but will probably prevent hospitalisation, and very probably prevent you needing ICU care.

    Worst case, if overwhelmed hospital declares 'Code Black', who will their triage admit ?
    Who is more likely to survive given rationed treatment ?
    You, fully vaccinated against Covid, seasonal 'flu and decadal pneumonia ?
    Or, with same symptoms on next gurney, a vaccine refuser ??
    Sucker Bet...

    Analogy is fleeing a lion: You cannot out-run the lion but, if you out-run your group's 'Tail-end Charlie'...

    So stack the odds in your favour. Please.
    I specify 'Western' vaccines as I've lost track of the Russian & Chinese variants, some of which seem to have 'Quality' issues ranging from pi$$-poor efficacy to gross physical or bio contamination...


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      I checked with my doctor yesterday about booster shots. He said all pharmacy have the shot available. I had my shots back in jan-feb. If you are 6+ months since your last shot get the booster ASAP. Here in Jacksonville Fl. They are using supply rooms as Covid wards hanging sheets between beds!


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        We know people who due to health reasons can't receive the COVID vaccines. All the anti-vaxxer rhetoric makes it difficult for a search to get a grip on the reasons why they can't be vaccinated. Always more decisiveness to keep us divided instead of working together.

        The way I see it is simple, they made a choice. My choice was to get vaccinated. Where I'd have a very serious problem is the vaccine doesn't work.
        We try our best to do the right thing for us. I'm not being callous, but I could careless if those who refused to be vaccinated pay the ultimate price. I wish they took the danger more seriously; however, it was their choice.

        Some vaccinated people are broadcasters or they don't catch the virus, but others can get it from them. My attitude, others should get vaccinated to prevent it.

        The Israelis have a 3 shot vaccination that works. So instead of all the talk, buy it from them or pay royalties to them so other nations can produce it.
        India has had fantastic results treating COVID in its early stages with Ivermectin. However, our powers that be ignore it.
        Austria, Germany and Poland found when children wear masks, the levels of CO increase past safe standards. Germany's law prohibits CO levels in excess of 2200 PPM. Their tests showed children with CO levels past 10,000. Two professors disagreed without any tests. I doubt the Austrians, Germans and Poles are stupid. At least the two professors could have run their own peer review, but nope, they knew more than three nations.

        The COVID pandemic is bad enough without all this seeing who can urinate higher up a wall.

        Dr. Fauci takes vitamins to improve the strength of his immune system. The University of Chicago Medicine found a link that vitamin D deficiency and catching COVID.
        Just how many people know that?

        The CDC states no one who has not been vaccinated are allowed into the US. period. Yet, the powers in DC have opened our borders. Is that absolute insanity or what?

        Here, the booster shot is being rationed for those due to health issues are at the highest risk. I hope it helps as one of them is my friend, my good friend.