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    Originally posted by orangetom1999 View Post


    Not an Ishmaelite.
    I hadn't fully recovered from Israeli Professor Ehud Qimron unloading on Israel's Ministry of Health and Boris dropped his bombshell.

    As we lack emo-icons here, usually there is one where the emo-icon is eating popcorn... Insinuating the poster is watching developments. If y'all know what I'm saying.. ROFL.


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      Picked this up today on the web....

      I have been saying from early on that the C19 Vaccines are a method of someone looting the US Treasury ....and keeping Americans and America on their puppet strings and that this would go on forever.....Boosters forever and more on the puppet strings and someone making a killing out of the US Treasury.

      Here...this very interesting link...

      Exclusive — Rep. Greg Murphy: GOP Doctors Caucus Is 'Infuriated' that Fauci's Policy 'Has All Been About Vaccination' and Not Therapeutics (

      One program after another after another ...appears to be for getting into the US Treasury and putting America and Americans in last place while paying for first place in their jobs.

      Exactly what is happening to the people in Europe and the UK....Australia and New Zealand..

      If we are not careful....We Americans will become Subjects with privileges granted by the Sovereign and not Citizens with Rights under the Constitution via a everlasting state of Emergency.

      Be warned the Ishmaelites run wild..

      My non Ishmaelite .02,
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        As OT stated the vaccines are a method of looting the treasury. In addition, the COVID panic is a way of controlling people.

        Anyone who visits a pharmacy has seen signs mentioning HIPPA. Actually it is HIPPAA or the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. So what is HIPPAA? Simply said HIPPAA protects everyone's medical privacy; if you doubt look it up for yourself.
        OTOH, due to COVID, our vaccination certificate has become a passport. If you want to travel, show your COVID shot record. Under Federal Law, no one is allowed to demand to see your vaccination record unless you give your written permission.


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          Covid!!! Covid Passports...

          I am not sure the members here understand what is coming if this gets to running amok in the halls of power.

          This concerning the Olde Soviet union and other such nations wherein the Government manages things to increase their power..

          In the olde Soviet order to go see Granny in the next town had to apply for your local Government office sometimes called your Soviet.

          On the day you went to see Granny did not get on transport to see Granny..first you went to your Soviet ...showed your papers and signed out...then when you got to the next did not go to Granny but went to the Soviet there and signed in.

          Then when you went repeated the process in reverse. This meant lots of delays and detours...for administrative complications like lunch time et al.

          Now what if you had to ship fruit across the nation and across several such zones and in every zone it was necessary to check your papers and inspect your cargo???Sign in and out.. This is in fact what happened in the Soviet Union. It became impossible to ship certain cargos before they rotted or went bad. The traffic lines tended to be long at such checkpoints and one waited for a long long time while things were Bureaucratically straightened out when no one wanted to be responsible for a decision.

          This kind of Bureaucratic incompetence is why so many shelves in the stores became empty in Soviet Are any of you catching on this happening right now this country????

          No one in public education and or our phony news media wants us to know this history of bureaucracy...we are never to be able to think or know this far on our own outside the authorized controlled monitored media/medium.

          Do you really think a covid passport is for the purpose of controlling Covid 19 or such???

          Mayhap some of you can now understand why history is such an poorly taught subject....we might ask the wrong questions or think outside the box.

          Be Warned Ishmaelites run wild....trying to herd people like cattle...while keeping them ignorant of history.

          My non Ishmaelite .02,
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            IMO, the COVID passport is the way to avoid violating HIPPAA.. I'm amazed people allow HIPPAA law to be broken.

            Russia is the land of shortages and all powerful, overreaching bureaucracy.

            When I was employed near Asheville, NC. One of the technicians was a second generation American from Russia. A family member came to visit. They took her shopping and she could not believe the stores. They went to a shoe store where what was on sale was piled right inside the door. She could not believe how many shoes where in the sale pile.
            They took her inside. She asked what could she buy; answer, anything she wanted and as much as she wanted. Her answer was she was allowed to buy very little or "they" would believe she planned to sell them for a huge profit.

            To avoid "problems," she replaced some of her clothing with what she bought here.
            According to a Russian Russia is the land of long lines and shortages.

            At the same employer, I worked with a Polish professor. His wife and him had company from Poland who landed near Raleigh, NC. As they left the city and suburbia and drove through the countryside.
            He said they commented where are the Cowboys and Indians?

            Back to the thread's subject.

            According to the latest data, 74 percent of Israel’s population has received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. Sixty-seven percent are fully vaccinated, and 55 percent have received at least one booster dose.

            Sounds great until this:
            This status as one of the world’s most highly vaccinated and boosted countries has not prevented the country from experiencing record-breaking levels of COVID-19 infections. As of Thursday, the Israeli Ministry of Health reported 64,940 new COVID-19 cases, bringing the total number of infections the country has had to 2,101,265.


            For a good laugh. Our church requires masks for the service. On February 6th, there will be a meal in the parish hall. Obviously, no one could possibly eat while wearing a mask... Now as the same people will attend both, does that make any sense?


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              I have been thinking that myself for some time now...that C19 was being used/misused as a money laundering scheme ..a way to get into the US Treasury and on the public Breast ad infinitum...forever,,,

              I also think that there are other similar schemes...for ...forever financing...for power and or votes...forever....forever herding of the American People.....Cattle..being herded.


              Climate Change...

              Among others.

              One crisis after another after another ....forever...

              You have to be kept afraid...ashamed or both...

              It is also becoming apparent that the US Government is not the only ones in on this money laundering scheme..other foreign governments too...Canada for prime example...and I think that there will be massive kickbacks to the political party apparatus....and thus the mid term elections may not go as many are predicting because of the huge amounts of monies flowing in the background because of this kickback scheme...from the public treasury.

              Remember what the word means..."Occult" Hidden ..concealed from the public view...and or understanding.

              This is what happens in a non Representative Government. Representing someone but not the people. Only "Appearing " To represent the public.

              When I was first learning about this pattern of operation years was called The Conspiracy and many of us were called Conspiracy Theorists.

              Today this kind of fallen corruption is called The Deep State...

              FDA Executive Officer on Hidden Camera Reveals Future COVID Policy: ‘Biden Wants To Inoculate As Many People As Possible…Have to Get an Annual Shot’ | Project Veritas

              But I am often wanting to call them Ishmaelittes....whos MO is to keep us into their Bondage/Control...forever...

              This is Ishmaelites at work with their hidden concealed/Occult form of leadership/government.

              Send that link on to people in your groups....more people need to become aware of this kind of scam..Fleecing of the US Treasury.

              My non Ishmaelite .02,


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                We 've gone from the COVID to beating the drums of war.. Sending American war fighters to defend Ukraine's borders while keeping our borders wide open.. Where in the H is there any logic?

                Pfizer is working on a 3 jab for omicron. They lost the COVID battle and move on to the next battle.

                American truckers will start their protest from California next Wednesday. In California, all Class 8 (tractor and trailer) over the highway trucks are required to be fitted with DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid); the protest will grow after it crosses California's state line.

                One of the reasons, so many container ships are parked off the CA coast is there isn't enough DEF equipped trucks available.

                Yup, the insane are running the asylum.