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Why were the post deleted

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  • Why were the post deleted

    Not to offend by why are post being deleted that do not break the rules and regulations? I get called out in a public forum and everyone's replies back get deleted? This is a great resource but if the mods act like dictators and only allow post they like people will get offended and leave.

    Should we have a meet and greet so you can meet me, Diesel?

    That way you can feel more comfortable having a campout at my place. If anyone wants to come by my house they are free too. I would welcome any inspections, so that we can have a meet up.

    How do we make this official? If you cant offer a remedy on how we can have a camp out then how can it be fixed?

    I am trying to do this your way, but that doesn't seem to be working.


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    Glad I'm not losing my mind! I couldn't find that thread!...been following it on the off chance that I might be able to attend.
    If I'm allowed the "privalige" to voice my .02....I think you (and "we") deserve an explaination.
    Your generous offer was asked to be "corrected" by changing the plans to an unofficial meet and greet, and it was revised according to that the whole thread is gone?
    Although I thought it was a bit paranoid...the request that it be "unofficial" was not out of line, but it makes me wonder about the other topics that I am really interested in within this forum...such as an emergency communications plan that was/is being established. Is that "out" too?...or will we have to have our transmissions monitored?
    Maybe the solution would be a disclaimer added to the forum's main page, or every page, that would release the admin/moderators from any liability related to individually posted content.
    Heck...I don't know what the answer is.


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      I am wondering to? I was taking my wife through the site last night getting that "garden" website thing and then surfed to the "Meet and greet".. gone.
      "And with a collection of minds and talent, they survived"


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        If you guys want to attend PM me. If not this time we can set up an unofficial meet/greet/camp out for later. I am all about releasing the site from liablity, no issue there I can understand.



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          Originally posted by pathfinder3081 View Post
          I am wondering to? I was taking my wife through the site last night getting that "garden" website thing and then surfed to the "Meet and greet".. gone.
          WTF??? I've been proccupied for a week or so, WTH is goin on around here?

          Sorry for my absence, BTW....back injury, thwarted mugging, credit cards hot-carded....100 hr weeks....not good for chat time.....
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            Isn't forums like this exist for like minded individuals to meet, get to know each other so in time of turmoil we have support, a network so to speak. I belong to another forum, and people in Missouri got together and had a great time. Met at a truck stop in central Missouri, then went to a members farm and visited for hours. Everybody left with a feeling of not being the only ones out there. Made freinds, and allies. I don't see anything wrong with a meet and greet.
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              If you have an isue pm a moderator, do not spam our forum with posts like where did this go and why is this. Use PM, tha is what moderators and admins are for.

              Thread is being locked.

              The other thread was locked, but still exists.

              The best thing you can do to support the site is pass it on to your friends and fav sites like other forums, facebook, twitter etc. Let people know about us! :)