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people are unbelievably stupid.

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  • people are unbelievably stupid.

    I tell them that i use bugnetting as insulation and they somehow "think" that i"m claiming netting will keep me warm by ITSELF. :-) I clearly state that I use it as longjohns for cold weather, since i need it for warm weather bugs and thus, it has to be in the BOB anyway. and SOMEHOW, I'm as dumb as they are and just CANT put the netting under my cammies! Like THEY wear their longjohns outside of their cammies, right? Sheesh. I"ve had morons tell me that I just HAD to make all 1800 sq ft of the netting out of the hammock for the alone show, before i could put ANY of the netting to use! :-) How the hell do such people tie their effing SHOES?

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    most of the population are stupid and will not survive a major event.


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      99% will be dead within a year of the powe'rs going off and staying off. Most of suicide induced by what they've lost and facing starvation. 90% will succumb within 6 months. That's why you only need seeds, spices and a year's supply of food to make it to the other side.


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        over here we reckon ONE THIRD in the first 3 months, TWO Thirds within 6 months and 95% within 9 months.


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          probably very close. You in Europe? I'd pay to have myself screwed into a shipping crate with a cutting torch, pora potty, a months food and water, being sent to Mexico. From Mexico, anyone can just walk across town in any of a dozen cities, if you speak english and are Caucasian. It's illegal to question your nationality these days. The US is going to collapse within 3 years and the world is going to collapse with it.


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            I'm in Britain not Europe.
            your probably right about the US, once the system collapses so will all western style economies.