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Still Here In Spite of the Weather

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  • Still Here In Spite of the Weather

    I check in every few day to see if anything is going on. Not much apparently. So I thought I would relate my experience in the past couple of weeks. Sub zero weather (with a 3 day warning) for the better part of 2 weeks with 8 inches of first ice - then sleet - then snow has made life a little difficult but Not Hard. Why? Because I was prepared and to some extent lucky. The only shortage I experienced was eggs and sliced bread. (made biscuits and opened a pack of dried eggs) The power did not go off in my area though we were told we might experience rolling black outs. There was a few in Tulsa - the closest large city - but none here in my rural area. Had I lost power I had propane back up for heat and battery/hand cranked emergency radio. Plus a large stack of books and my Bible for reading with a good supply of oil for lamps if the battery powered lights went.
    The rural water line did break but it was down stream from my location so while I had 2 days of very low water pressure (took 5 min for the toilet tank to fill - but it did fill) I never completely lost water. I had checked and refreshed my stored water when the warnings first started as I always do so I had over 50 gal ready for immediate use plus long term to tap if needed. The worst was no use of washing machine and dishwasher. No shower for 2 days but a pan of water and a wash cloth for a TPA bath was a simple solution. Hand washing the few dishes I had once a day was no problem - after all it was only 2 days.
    Travel was not a concern as I had no appointments to keep and no health emergencies. I simply stayed home. That was a bit of a bummer. Choosing to stay home is a bit different than being more or less forced to stay (we have all experienced that this past year) but any place I would go was closed (or has been closed a lot this past year) but I did miss simply going for a dive - not stopping any where - simply to enjoy a different view.
    So I stayed warm - well fed and entertained the entire time. Prepared. Blessed.
    How did you fare?
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