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California's Solution to the homeless population

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  • California's Solution to the homeless population

    Given the number of homeless in Cali you would expect the virus to be rampant among them. Surprise no so, at least so far. Cali has started putting the homeless in hotels (closed down currently). First of the week it was announced on the news that some private money had been donated to provide drugs and alcohol and tobacco to the homeless in those hotel to keep them from going out to get the afore mentioned and spreading the virus. There is no report of the virus being rampant in that population. After all they were outside on the streets and in the parks and not in the habit of good personal hygiene right?
    Then New York was surprised to find that 60% of people who caught or had the virus were sheltering in place in their apartments. What did they have in common?. Shared ventilation. Heat and cooling from the same closed system. Hotels have the same. As do nursing homes.
    Outside sneezes and coughs are caught by the breeze and swirled around, blown around and thinned down. Not so in ventilation systems. Just like an airplane the same air is circulated over and over through out the building or plane. Concentrated in fact. Expect a sudden increase of virus deaths in Cali homeless hotels.
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    Like Legionaires', which could spread down-wind from a contaminated HVAC cooling system on roof of adjacent building ?

    IIRC, some of the covid contact tracing has put infected people in the same building, but much wider spaced than 'Best Practice' suggested. Link seemed to be a cross-wind from HVAC/aircon, effectively reducing the gap. Not, thankfully, 'rooted' in the HVAC itself...

    But, 'early days', and some lessons may yet be bought in blood and body-bags...

    So, if in doubt, check the wind direction and stand across-wind from others, rather than up-wind or down-wind ...

    And, hey, if building aircon is bad, how will airlines' mostly-recycled air cope ? I suspect a lot of people will be adding UV and/or ozone sterilisers to their air-flow...

    FWIW, I was out today doing my weekly shop at our local precinct / mall. I load my sholley with cat-food, bread, milk and and me-meals, pram-carabiner a couple of 'soft' bags onto the outside, catch the bus home...

    The precinct / mall is clean and tidy, but a bit shabby, certainly not a high-end suburban glitz-palace. A lot of stores stood empty anyway. And, now most have shut since our 'lock-down' took hold. So, the place is quiet.

    Given the mall's aisles are wide enough for a ruddy marching band, there's lots and lots of 'distancing' margin.

    Yeah, right...

    Except, of course, when friends meet, stop to chat. They stand 'socially distant', 2 metres or six feet-ish apart.

    But, stupidly, usually spaced across the aisle...

    Which means there's not sufficient gap to 'safely' go either side or between them.

    Heads shaking, the few mall security folk politely shuffle them unto axial, then head for the next clot of ijits...