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  • Allergies

    I have allergies with symptoms that mimic those of the Corona virus - runny nose, sneezing, coughing – I don’t panic. I simply take my temperature a couple times a day. No temperature no problem. If I feel the need for a Tyenol – general aches – headache – I take my temperature before taking it. No temperature no problem. I know my normal temperature range so can easily tell if I have even a half degree of temperature.
    Of course you should still be responsible around others, they don't know it is allergies.

  • #2
    My winter bronchitis has hit hard this year, well, at Halloween last year, due to too-hasty yard-props clearance ahead of forecast down-pour. Beat the rain by minutes, but exhausted myself.....

    I must balance zonk of my supposedly non-drowsy generic antihistamines against streaming snot's misery, mitigate cough and clear my chest with generic Guaifenesin expectorant linctus, carry a salbutamol inhaler to be sure, to be sure...

    Upside, no-one crowds me any more. One chesty wheeze, they leap back a stride or two...

    FWIW, tylenol / paracetamol makes me nauseous. Really, really nauseous. If I take more than one 500mg tablet or caplet in umpteen hours, I have to chase with a Cyclizine aka valoid...

    I'm told is genetic, as I find saccharin --And coffee-- intolerably bitter...