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This is What You've Been Prepping for! - CoronaVirus - Covid-19

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  • This is What You've Been Prepping for! - CoronaVirus - Covid-19

    So this is a true test, and a legit Crisis / Trial Pepper Run.

    How did you guys do?

    I think this was a big wake up call for America, if not the world. Did you have the supplies, and plans to thrive in this situation?

    What are you guys seeing out there? Lot's of empty shelves here!

    Let's Discuss

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    I'm doing pretty good , realized a few weak points to improve on. I've asked a few friends and they are seeing maybe I do make sense after all. I've done a little more shopping to do some long term food preps.
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      I'm literally about 25 miles from the "Epicenter" here in Western Washington. I hope, very soon , to be getting out of dodge and on to the ranch in as far east you can go in this state. It was nutty here before all this started going down. The traffic, the people, the new houses crammed in every corner. I hadn't been here in the Puget Sound for 30+ years. It went CRAZY. Now...

      The shit has hit the fan. Period.

      All that's left to round this off is shooting in the streets and %100 Anarchy. As we speak, grocery stores laid bare. People freaking. And, people dying.

      I just wonder if its too late.

      We will see.

      I'm not a fatalist. I'm a realist.


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        I am retired, have health problems so I am simply "bugging in". Minimal contact with the public, avoiding crowds, and plenty of supplies to weather this storm. I expect this "pandemic" to fade fairly soon. Til then, I sit back and enjoy life as I normally do.


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          Should also have a bit of water on hand if you live in a trailer make sure you have it well bank though I had the trailer good were my water comes from but the snow had melted away and a heavy wind froze the joint. Now no water till I can get it fix at lease I have some water on hand till I can get it fix


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            NE Alberta American standards fairly isolated...near the Fighter base...shelves for canned goods, toilet papers, disinfectants, paper towels and other basically useless stuff empty in every stores, people walking around with masks, disinfecting their cart handles loaded with the useless stuff... many of my contacts' friends on FB in a panic mode. Most of my contacts are military or Veterans retired, we trained for this, we are ok. I have enough supplies for 6 months should it be needed. We have a 6 filters reverse osmosis system for water, don't need bottle water, freezer full, MRE's and dry rations for bug out.

            In Canada, our current faciste Liberal Government are clueless, they advise people coming from overseas to quarantine themselves, our outrageous immigration program remains untouched, illegal borders crossers continue to enter at will from the South. They, the Gov. took useless make me feel good steps that mean nothing when and if a pandemic really happened. My wife and I practice social detachment because we think most people are same old same old....
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              Chilliwack BC, use to live in the North sure wish I was there...but we are okay for never said thank a God for toilet paper it saved my, fuel n ammo to protect the first too...selves are good enough still plenty of food...but ya toilet paper n stuff Is 0 ...canned soup all gone


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                Absolutely nothing happening here. Everything is 100% normal.

                It is early-early spring, blue skies and sunshine. Wonderful time to be alive.
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                One day you eat the day the left-over five days you eat chicken feathers, head and feet.


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                  I live here in the midst of the outbreak in ky. the stores have nil to none. I seen people looking for the basics and were out of luck. I'm seeing issues with baby formula shortages . That has been heart breaking for us. Its the response of the peole and local / state governments.


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                    6 months ago hubby asked why I bought a case of Costco brand of disinfectant wipes and I said the cold and flu season was coming, who knew? My husband has given me a hard time with my storage closets for 10 years, now not so much.


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                      We'd never lived on a farm before or knew anything about the country. Dawn and I moved to a rural area in Twin Falls County, Idaho in 2018 because we wanted to get away from a big overcrowded city with summer temps approaching 120 deg F (50 deg C), incipient drought as a function of the climate changing, and crypto-fascist homeowner' associations (HOAs) which wouldn't let us paint our own house or keep animals.

                      Now we have 1.6 acres (.65 ha) with about thirty chickens, four goats and a big garden. Most of our neighbors are members of the Church; they're all preppers and have about a year's supply of food. We'd picked up on that (with their help and advice) and are pretty good to go. The only problem is electricity; if the grid goes down we won't be able to pump water. Last month I contacted the local well-drilling company to see about a supplemental hand-pump which will go in my well in parallel to the submersible. They're coming tomorrow to see about installing it. I just hope I'm not too late to get it in before things get even more stupid than they are now.

                      We have most of the stuff we need: rice, beans, wheat, pasta, canned food, #10 cans of this'n'that, etc. We are filling about 4-5 gallon jugs/day with water from our RO unit and staying home and doing chores Today we gave all the goats their DTP injections, trimmed the hooves of a couple of them, and shaved Lucy, our little doe who is expecting twins (or maybe triplets) in early April.


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                        Schools closed for three weeks. My tech college added an extra week to spring break. My dean asked me to prepare to finish all of my classes online only if necessary, which I fully expect to be required when we return from break.

                        The local Walmart is out of eggs, TP, hand sanitizer, and running low on just about everything else.

                        I had some kind of bad bug two weeks ago. I had a fever of 103.5, gagging cough, body aches. I am still coughing two weeks later. They never tested me because I didn't fit the profile, but I would not be surprised to find out I had the COVID-19 virus.

                        So, this weekend my bride and I stayed home, watched our church service online, prayed for our Nation, then went for a two-hour drive in the country under a beautiful blue sky, made an apple/banana/yogurt salad, read a book, cooked salmon steaks on the grill, and wondered what all the fuss was about. Being prepared provides the means to be calm in the storm.
                        If it was man made it can be man re-made.


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                          Yo Buggy!!!!!!! :)

                          I'm in Upstate NY now. Yeah, it sucks ass. People are freaking nuts in this state. I live in a small Conservative area. But the stores are still all out of tp and a lot of food as well. No tp for my bunghole!!!!!!!

                          I work in manufacturing now, and we are still open. I'm waiting for the quarantined and martial law. I mean, it IS NY State.


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                            I'm sitting good here in southeast Mo, food, supplies, basics for roughly 5 months, also same amount of food for horses, dog, donkey's and two cats....LOL And thank God, PLENTY of TP...


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                              I live just outside of Chicago & its nuts ! The way people are behaving, but thankfully, I was prepared, alot of my friends told me that I was "Paranoid", well, guess who's "Paranoid" now ???!!! All I needed was a few odds & ends, but when I went to the stores in the middle of the night ? I was dumbfounded ! You never realize what's going on until you see it for yourself 1st hand ! GET & BE PREPARED !!!! I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH !!! GET & BE PREPARED !!!