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  • Tools needed for camping

    Hello am a novice in camping please can anyone suggests some tools I need for this.

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    OK, I'll bite...

    Where in the world are you? What kind of environment(s) are you camping in? Do you know what the basics needs of survival are?
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      tlight: You may not even realize what a wide open question that is. People write books about it. Have you ever camped before? Are you going solo? with another person? with a family? If you give us a little more info you will get good recommendations.
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        The best tool for any activity is your brain (critical thinking and common sense). As others have said, more specific meaningful responses would require some context.


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          Food. Water .Shelter. That is all a person needs to go camping. Its not as open of a question as some may think. Now that being said what type of shelter will depend on your ao. the food you will have or want will depend on the type of diet you need . Water well its water. We all need it


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            guess he's not very interested in learning.had a look at his profile.he's from Nigeria.
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              Originally posted by kentuckyshiner85 View Post
              Food. Water .Shelter. That is all a person needs to go camping. Its not as open of a question as some may think.
              Try "Camping" in locations where the local animals want to eat you. I once had seven Alaska Coastal Brown Bears in camp all at the same time. and all night long.

              Tim Treadwell had food, water, shelter. The bears ate him and his girl friend,
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                Treadwell had the wrong type of shelter . so the type of shelter will depend on where you plan to stay. but yes food water and shelter is all a person needs to go camping . One must ask the right questions . like ... Where do you intend to camp at . What are the conditions you intend on staying in. there are many questions that need to be answered . BUT all one needs is food water and shelter.