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    Note: I have a silly idea that the owner/administrator of some forums never really existed. Well, never existed as a living breathing humans. That their existence was/is a total fabrication, and illusion.

    My super silly.....wildass guess is that the funding for the project was terminated. Not a "evil" conspiracy theory. It was likely a prudent experiment/program to gather a wide range of information. And now Facebook, Twitter and others have replaced the need to operate these forums.
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    It is certainly a possibility. I had a related theory about forums like these and Above Top Secret among others.
    My theory was simple
    What is the purpose of sites like ...............?

    Uncovering Government Secrets; Government projects and facilities, including the notorious Area 51 in Nevada, as well as "Alien-related laws", government contractors,…

    pressure relief valve to allow non violent ways to express anger and frustration

    a way for government to monitor fringe elements and to subtly influence them away from real action

    a way to use the hawthorn effect to ensure those on the fringe are moved closer to tptb's desired viewpoint, ie resistance is futile.

    controlled opposition; source of patsies/scapegoats

    a thermometer in the boiling pot so tptb know when the frogs are feeling the heat enough to jump out


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      I will throw my hat in the speculation ring...

      Not only this site, but a couple of other forums also suffered strangely similar fates. It seems that ownership may have changed hands...but to WHO or WHAT is the troubling part.

      If a "normal" person or company buys something, they would want to at least attempt to take care of their investment...not neglect it as these forums have been.

      The new owners could be companies interested in data harvesting or planting malware in the forum's links... Hackers routinely take over blogs that way, sometimes without the blog owner's knowledge. Other times, it is blatantly obvious.

      Each time a link or function is used, "silent" malware is injected...Things like keyloggers and other nefarious programs are easier to install if the hackers have full access to a site such as this.
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        I am leaning towards not thinking along the lines of the first two posts in this thread for the same reason I mentioned in my earlier post:

        Originally posted by GrizzlyetteAdams View Post
        If a "normal" person or company buys something, they would want to at least attempt to take care of their investment...not neglect it as these forums have been.
        You would think to get an appreciable amount of info, the new owners would at least try to stem the mass migration of members leaving the board, which also has a ripple effect of discouraging new members.

        It would not be that hard for our government to put a "fake" persona at the helm...after all, they are quite experienced in undercover work. But individual hackers? Not so much.

        Genius is making a way out of no way.


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          64 bit computer systems are a lot harder to infect with keyloggers and viruses that take over the system. The reason for this is that, as I understand it, the operating system on a 64 bit computer runs in a virtual environment and is refreshed on every reboot. If you do a good job securing your browser, you'll notice two things 1) you will almost never get malware or a virus from a website and 2) a lot of websites stop working correctly. For instance, when I shop at Home Depot, Walmart, and various other national retailers, they want me to "pick a store".. well.. that requires a bunch of specialized script coding.. It wouldn't be so bad if all that coding was done by the store, but it isn't... these websites farm out these functions to other websites which get access to your computer. This also allows the store you're visiting to wash their hands of responsibility for the security. A lot of websites don't work on my computer correctly.. and I'm fine with that.. I just shop at another website.
          As for the general idea that a lot of prepper websites have a "tin foil hat" thing going on, that's an issue that can be addressed with pure science.. (gotta love science right?). Ever notice that 90% of preppers are right wing conservatives? There's a scientific reason for that, and its because conservatives have brains that have larger fear processing centers. (IE: they scare more easily). Search youtube for "Conservative brain vs Liberal brain" and look for Dr. Gail Saltz. Functional MRI scans give us the information.

          Facebook is a very bad idea. Anyone giving facebook their real information, registering their friends, posting their address, giving facebook their phone number, or providing facebook with anything that can be traced back to your person, is a fool. Facebook has figured out that people want to use their website but don't trust them and are creating fake profiles. (like me, I have a fake profile just to look things up).. and now, facebook is demanding you provide a phone number which they will text you a code to verify it.. Even funnier, several places on the internet suggest using an app called "whatsapp" which allows you to avoid giving facebook your phone number to get the text message.. but you have to give whatsapp your phone number and guess who owns whatsapp? LOL. The fact that they even do that shows how damn stupid people are in this country.

          Most of these self-righteous tin-foil hat preppers are not going to survive in SHTF because survival won't depend on who can run the fastest mile or who has the most guns and ammo.. Survival will depend on who makes the right decisions and has the most knowledge to adapt and operate in the new environment.

          I've learned a lot from reading the various prepper websites and groups, and the things I've learned: 1) for every 10 preppers, only one of them has anything more than a basic grade school education. 2) most of them are angry 3) most exhibit tribalism 4) most believe in invisible sky fairies 5) they associate weapons with security (like a child's blanket).

          And then they wonder why preppers seem like crazy people to everyone else. LOL