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  • Convincing Spouse

    How have some of you convinced your BETTER HALF that all in the world isn’t going as planned, and it’s time to start prepping for when SHTF...THANKS

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    I never had to do that.


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      My beloved Kath was much brighter than me, usually two or three steps ahead...

      ( I soon learned never, ever to play Chess or Monopoly against her, as Totally Embarrassing drubbings ensued... )

      I'd make her aware of novel issues, identify a w-i-d-e range of solutions, let her think them over, choose the least intrusive / unsightly...

      Um, if you can invoke 'known' hazards such as CalPower planning to shut off entire districts as forest fire risks, your 'Shake Out' cache being too small to harbour visiting kin, or a storm insurance discount by upgrading roof ties etc, a little wary logic goes a long, long way...


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        Jeffro 10: Try baby steps. Small increments that you can build on. It isn't hard to point things out on the news where people may have fared better had they been prepared. Maybe start with a car kit/get home bag. Build from there a little at a time. My wife condones it, and considers it more my hobby than being full on-board participant. She recognizes how it has held us in good stead when a SHTF event pops up.
        The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary.

        Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes the reason is you are stupid, and make bad decisions.


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          I showed her what I was doing for over 4 months then we got hit with two hurricanes back to back. No power for 10 days so she learned a lot over those 10 days and now she is a believer!!