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    Slightly off-topic, but my father once admitted to being involved in a sharps-infested altercation at a back-street cafe in Athens, Greece.

    ( This was in the lull between the Germans & Italians retreating, and the Communist coup attempt... )

    Wasn't clear who started it, but a group of locals' political argument grew to virulent insults, vile accusations, rude gestures then stabby-stuff.

    Cue full-on bar-brawl.

    The three '8th Army' Tommies sat quietly in the corner perforce defended themselves. His friends used their chairs and boots. Dad put the drinks aside, up-ended their little cast-iron table and floored several flankers.

    When cops & MPs arrived, they found the baristas warily wielding mop and broom, three Tommies sat quietly, finishing their drinks, unscathed.

    Dad, from Liverpool, near the Docks, had seen his share of bar and street brawls, especially during 'Marching Season'. As he said, when confronted by a group of thugs demanding, 'Orange or Green ?' the only sane response was to snap-punch out the nearest, turn and RUN.

    The other two Tommies hailed from the rough end of Glasgee. ('Glasgow')
    By their standards, that fight barely ranked above a kindergarten squabble...


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      We are preppers and survive most disasters, why bring a knife to a gun fight!!!! Being prepared we will not walk into a situation with out the proper weapon. Me .40 S&W or 9 mm GLOCKS.