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Salmonberry route, Oregon ?

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  • Salmonberry route, Oregon ?

    Any-one with experience of walking the Salmonberry route in Oregon ?

    As I understand it, too much of the rail line was washed out a dozen years back, uneconomic to repair.

    I've been toying with a scenario where post-megathrust quake and after-shocks bring down many BIG land-slides, strand a road convoy of evacuees including Pete, a late-season Brit tourist, half-way along.

    Given the el Nino / la nina cycle and a truly grim storm forecast, probably the first serious snow of the Winter, Pete elects to stay with the group who'll 'shelter in place' in adjacent rail tunnels rather than hike out.

    He reckons the convoy's stranded vehicles' resources plus time to set up a proper camp, gather fire-wood etc totally trumps getting snow-bound on foot in the 'high range', hastily contriving inadequate shelter, potentially becoming another 'Donner Band'...

    A week or so later, after that first storm passes, a few exhausted survivors stumble back through the now deep, deep snow.
    Pete's called that one well, but other difficult choices lie ahead...

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    Sorry no experience out west,, did you search out any hike clubs, rail clubs etc in that area that maybe have maps or websites about it?

    Sounds like could be a pretty interesting read. Especially if all of the characters are normal people, not some super warrior or survival expert that just happens to be there. Could be interesting if some of the people are relatively "local" maybe were on their way back home to get away from the big cities...or were maybe returning from selling their goods at the big city "farmers" market where they go to sell the things they grow and make on their farms.
    I can explain it to you, but I can't understand it for you!


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      I found a lot of stuff on-line, but bloggers don't usually have the right perspective for this take...

      One potential plot-line is Pete repeatedly warned MM, the away team's self-appointed leader, that the weather was turning early, the barometer was dropping. Got laughed at. What would a wimpy Brit know ?

      Now, there's a dozen-plus dead on the trail, but MM is among the few who made it back in reasonable condition...

      So, did MM honestly misjudge hiking conditions after the quake due slides etc ?
      Did he just screw up due over-confidence ?
      Or did he set out to cull the party ??