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  • And something domestic...

    Several weeks back, I had to demolish our patio steps' handrail as it blocked urgent ladder access to rear gutters etc. I'd designed it demountable, but the hardware had totally seized. Oops. Time to break out the nut-splitters, big wrenches and 'medium' pry bar...

    Being a totally 'Golden October' day, I'd left kitchen & patio doors open to air the house. What should have needed but minutes took a lonnnng hour, and a lot of small flies got in...

    I've been hunting them ever since. I found my neat electric fly-swat had been eaten by its leaking batteries, so had to order a replacement. This was very effective, soon thinning the busy 'sun swirl' to a few wary loners. I even remembered where I'd stored my replacement UV tubes for the big, wall-mounted zapper. This now picks off loners 24/7...

    As for the others...

    Remember the Coders' Caution of, 'There's always one last bug' ?

    For the last week, thrice daily, I've held 'No Quarter' fly-hunts. I've zapped every fly in sight, some in mid-air, some by accident on back-swing, some with 'low sweeps'. Zzzap ! Pow ! Thunderbolts & Lightning ! Yay !!

    And, yes, the next time I look, there's yet more hold-outs...

    It is a war of attrition which I'm winning, but I'm seriously impressed by the remaining flies' 'Duck & Cover' tactics !!


    • Since the forum went over to https, my Norton's has screamed each and every time I've signed in here.

      Says the site is 'new'...


      • not sure. So little traffic and activity here anymore.
        I can explain it to you, but I can't understand it for you!