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  • I am in my second week of House Arrest. We are working from home, and there is a mandated lockdown in this area. Hasn't really affected us, other than going stir crazy. We have all the supplies we need, and when we have been out there hasn't been anything we needed we couldn't get.
    The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary.

    Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes the reason is you are stupid, and make bad decisions.


    • I have been making cloth masks for 3 weeks now. Local volunteer firefighters - local nursing home - local police office workers - and school employees delivering meals to children who qualify for free meals. Of course my first was for family and my two nearest neighbors (each 1/4 mile away) who help me with things I cannot do myself anymore. I am now into my 2nd hundred. I refuse to skimp. 2 layers of fabric encasing two layers of medium to heavyweight non woven interfacing. No flimsy fashion statement mask from me. Fabric is no problem but elastic came first so started making string ties but now interfacing is running my area. every scrap is used by stitching in a grid pattern so the layers do not shift and leave a thin spot - just like a quilt. That is what I am doing now while my neighbors shake the bushes for more. One of the twins from next door said she had been offered ten dollars for her extra mask (I made her 2). Now it is suggested that anyone who wishes should wear a cloth face covering. I am bushed and taking off a few days to consider if general public mask could be made with a different number and type of layers. Those will be fashion statement masks.
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      • Well, the demand for cloth masks have slowed down or more people are making them. Out of my small circle of sewing friends all have made at least 20 or 30 and a couple have even out done me. Now I am working on scrub hats for the people with long hair. The people who work in the area nursing homes feel the need to keep their hair from picking up whatever may be floating around. They have been using shower caps but after a while their head begins to sweat. Not very comfortable. At least cotton breathes and an be washed at a high temperature.


        • Both cloth masks and scrub caps have been around for a long time and appear that they will be used again for at least until a large number of people have had the vaccine (if/when) developed. May turn out like the flu...get your shot once a year, although this virus appears to have a slow mutation rate.


          • Governor's Actions

            Update April 1, 2020 | 5:00 PM
            • Issued statewide Executive Order that:
              • Enforces “Safer at Home” order across all 77 counties, requiring those age 65 and older and individuals who are immunocompromised or have pre-existing conditions to shelter in their homes, leaving only for essential needs like groceries or prescriptions, until April 30.
            Thought the order applied to EVERYONE. Apparently not. Local mayors and city councils have extended to order in various forms to all except essential workers.
            I usually don't leave my place except for essential reasons. I was perfectly content to follow the stay at home to protect myself. In fact I had been doing this since the travel ban on China in late January. I But now that I have been ordered to do what I have always done out of choice...............I was under the impression they were guidelines and gladly followed them.
            Well......... Now I have the urge to go to the closest mall and wander around for a couple of hours just for spite.

            Of course I have better sense. I will continue to protect myself and follow the guidelines (aka directives) . I guess individual contrariness has reared its head.


            • Well things have started opening up here in Oklahoma. Luckily most people here have at least a smidgen of common sense. We have never been locked down as tight as other states. Most of our cases are in our two large cities, both of which are located on an interstate hwy. and we didn't do social distancing. We did physical distancing. Stay at home meant stay on your own property, Not stay inside.
              The guideline of no more than 10 people has not (at least my are area)has not resulted in any of the horror stories we hear from other states. Churches are now allowed to hold services in house again as long as physical distance is observed. One church I know well held services Sunday. The church was professionally cleaned and disinfected.
              One family of 4 wearing fresh masks & gloves through out the entire process, set chairs in groups of 2 - 4 & 6 so that families and others who live together would be seated together with a distance of 8 feet between each grouping. There were others wanting to help so a schedule was made so only those who lived together would be working together in the future.
              All doors were either locked and flagged or propped open depending on public access so no one had to open or touch a door. One addition security guard was provided because entrance/exits would be open during services.

              Updated 5.7.20 at 11:11 am:
              Number of confirmed
              COVID-19 cases in Oklahoma
              Number of Deaths in Oklahoma
              4,330 260
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              • I will chime in on this ZERO of anything speculated, cited etc was even remotely true or accurate. Domain was never not renewed and is set to auto renew for ever, always has been. It was a host issue. Domain was not for sale for 10k would never consider that amount Sounds like some of you love to stir up drama and speculate. Also sounds like you're still spamming and pushing your forum, shame on you

                Originally posted by GrizzlyetteAdams View Post
                Hmm... I re-read SonofLiberty's post and noticed that this site is unavailable for purchase now, but back in January, he pointed this out:


                Well, how about them apples?? I seriously doubt anyone would buy a forum with low traffic for $10,000. So maybe Diesel renewed the domain or...?

                Anyway, if he wanted to save his forum, I would think he would want to come forward and be upfront about it, and assign admin powers to one of the surviving moderators (if they are even interested anymore)..unless he is NOT in a position to do so.

                This is maddening to us, to say the least!!!!!!!

                The best thing you can do to support the site is pass it on to your friends and fav sites like other forums, facebook, twitter etc. Let people know about us! :)


                • Well the riots have started. For fear of having my tin foil hat privileges revoked I will not speculate on the why; I will only say that after the protests disintegrated in to full blown arson, looting and general destruction of neighborhoods they were no longer about the apparent murder of George Floyd by a policeman & his cohorts.