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'Pineapple Express' dumping on California and Oregon...

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  • 'Pineapple Express' dumping on California and Oregon...

    Noticed on weather reports that an 'atmospheric river' aka 'pineapple express' is currently dumping on Northern California and Oregon, spilling over to Rockies' eastern watersheds.

    Given how much land was burned off last year, there must be a grave risk of flash-floods, mud-slides etc etc, plus contamination of waterways...

    Y'all okay out there ??

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    Looks like 'Moscow River' has burst its banks, cut off two of the 'Wine Valley' towns.

    No word on how the hills are faring...


    Sorry, 'Russian River'
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      This happens in Ca about every 15 years. They (GOV) have never have a plan to stop it. Plus the State EPA has just no common sense!!!!


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        Where polar cold met Gulf warmth, looks like tornado season has begun real-early in Alabama. Dozen(s) dead, many missing. Seems two twisters came through an hour apart, left a real mess...

        Although there were storm warnings, looks like these off-season strikes took a lot of people by surprise...


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          8 MARCH 2019
          Hooskanadan Landslide in Oregon – an update on the Highway 101 earthflow near to Brookings

          It is a mess. And, continuing to move, though slower. Sadly, the temporary ramp to get essential traffic across will probably set it moving again...

          While we're on the subject of geo-hazards, may I recommend...


          FWIW, my wife and I used to holiday in the Scottish Highlands. Near Glencoe, a geological wonderland in its own right, the main road crosses the toe of a very, very wide scree slope. Superficially stable, but 'active'. Year by year, a gentle, but ominous bend and dip developed. When the road was re-made, the alignment was corrected, the cut-off bend re-purposed as a linear 'stop and view' area...

          At that, it was less scary than places where spalling road-cut flanks were armoured by rock-bolted geo-mesh, guarded by boulder-catch moats that would give an Abrams tank pause...


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            Originally posted by RICHFL View Post
            This happens in Ca about every 15 years. They (GOV) have never have a plan to stop it. Plus the State EPA has just no common sense!!!!
            Spot on. If they'd get their heads out of the collective asses and start with allowing timber harvesting to reduce the amount of dead wood and undergrowth for fire that would help the situation with everything burning to near bare earth. Secondly if "they" in the west would get away from these jacked up, misguided regulations preventing rain harvesting and diversion they could resolve their droughts along with a lot of these flash floods and such. If they would follow some of the simple methods of permaculture and start high in the mountains to divert water into on contour ditches/ swales, ponds, etc and continue this down to the low elevations it would slow the water from racing down the mountains and also allow the water to soak in the ground. By starting this up higher in the mountains & water table, more of the water table gets recharged naturally and spreads to lower elevations.
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              I cannot remember if was last El Nino or the previous one but, with much, much heavy rain anticipated, local authorities were warned to clear out their debris traps and mud-slide diverter walls / basins.

              Many did too little, too late.

              The exceptionally strong El Nino's rains came early and heavy, over-topped basins and guard-walls, did a lot of damage...