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  • Lots of old post have been bought up

    OK. I have gone through and bought up a lot of older post for newcomers as well as older members to go back to read. So on that note I am signing out for a while as I am getting really busy with getting things together for Christmas as I am sure a lot of you are as well. I will be back on before Christmas but need to get things together as I will be having a crowd at my house Christmas day. Keep reading and bring up anything new that pertains to how things are going in to days world and how we might need to change some things in our preps. What happened with those wild fires in CA should give us a start on what we should do to protect our supplies from things like a wild fire, flood etc. I don't have those answers but we need to figure them out.

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    You've given us a lot to chew on. Thank you for bringing so many goodies to the light!
    Genius is making a way out of no way.


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      You've not only a really, really hot wild-fire to worry about, but the heat-soak, then the probability of mud-slides and flash-floods when the heat breaks to heavy rain...

      ( Similar scenarios for volcanic eruptions etc... )

      Other problem is that these horrors may not destroy or displace your supplies, but reveal them...

      I fear a lot of 'rule of thumb' advice on caching supplies may have to be re-thought.


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        AJ: I appreciate you bumping all these old threads. You and I have been here for a while, and there were many that I hadn't seen. It is always good to have a reminder, or a refresher course every now and then.
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          (AJ) great idea. give some people ideas of what to put under the Christmas tree.


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            Rich: How about a pocket monkey multi tool or a wildcard wallet knife. that has 6 functions. Both are stainless steel. Also a charge hub for car. And with a son in law that collects cast iron pots and pans a cast iron cook it all. from Lodge. This thing you can cook pizza and bread in it even. Comes complete with a griddle lid and the bottom looks like a wok but turn it upside down over the griddle part that is double sided, smooth on one side and griddle on other. Just flip the wok part over for a lid and coals on top and cook your pizza or bread. This thing is nice. Might have to get me one. Other than that fuzzy socks for granddaughters and gift cards. From their I am not done shopping yet. But that is a start.