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"BOOTS in The FIELD" = Real EXPERIENCE and it has Value.

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  • "BOOTS in The FIELD" = Real EXPERIENCE and it has Value.

    I have LOVE/HATE feelings about the current fascination that exists about survival stuff. I never believed it would last this long in the fickle public interest.

    There is a saying that goes something like, "When the government is telling lies, it is dangerous to be telling the truth". There are two types of knowledge. Knowledge derived from internet or books or magazines, word of mouth, etc..

    The other type on knowledge is First hand personal experience, What I call "Boots in the Field" experience.

    When the masses believe what is taught them, by people who learned what they are stating as fact from the internet, and then they run quick like a bunny to a different forum, and state what they know as the truth or the way it is based on what they know and learned from the different survival forums and blogs......."In that environment it is pointless and dangerous to state what you know from first hand experience......with boots in the field.

    In this "Information Age" there is a tremendous amount of information that is totally believed, everyone knows is true , common knowledge.....that is wrong to varying degrees, from totally wrong, to just a small partly inaccurate.

    If there are 50 people in a discussion on a thread, stating what they think, and what they think is based on "ZERO" first hand or Boots in the field experience.......and someone enters that discussion who is old and has 50 or 60 years of first hand experience day in and day out living that subject of that thread. they will be called, "Troll" and shouted down.

    The masses rule.

    People without "First Hand" or Boots in the Field experience can not accept the truth, they want to believe what they have believed for a very long time. They will fight savagely to defend what they believe, even as they have zero first hand experience.

    It is fun to just read threads, and watch that most say, "Well, I THINK" what they are saying is they think something is a stated way, based on zero first hand experience. This is very different from someone stating, "Well, I KNOW" this or that, based on first hand experience.
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    We MUST be selective about where we get our information! The sad thing is, many articles, books, websites, and forum posts are worn-out repetitions of what some authors have read on the internet and in other books...and believe it all to be true. Some may make the mistake of thinking that if the info is found in SO MANY PLACES, it must be true, right?

    The unforgivable thing is that some of the parroted misinformation can be downright dangerous.
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