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Obama Deception Movie filmed by Alex Jones

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  • Obama Deception Movie filmed by Alex Jones

    This 2 hour film brings tons of mind opening thoughts and ideas for US THE PEOPLE TO BE THINKING ABOUT.Alot of emotions are going on in this nation and world as things just don't seem right and many, many folks are asking what and why are these crisis taking place.

    All I ask from this movie I've posted is for open minded people to just sit back and start to think on their own meaning not what the media says. Just think why is my heart and soul saying to me THINGS are NOT RIGHT......

    This is not an attack on Obama it's an attack on all of those behind the scenes and infront of the camera scenes!!

    THIS IS A 12 PART MOVIE SO PLEASE FOLLOW ALONG VIA YouTube - Broadcast Yourself..

    Alex Jones offical website is at Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

    Any thoughts about the New World Order can be left on this post or feel free to email me questions as well. :cool:

    **Knows that only my brothers in Christ will understand this statement: When we awake we have 3 enemies against us already this world, our flesh, satan!**
    The game of the New World Order is playing out at hand...Be ready with your plan!!!

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    I've watched the first segment & thought it was excellent, but then again Alex's productions usually are.


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      I like Alex jones, I read daily
      "Be Excellent to Each Other"


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        Hey guys!! Glad to see this post has some backers. Hope everyone takes sometime and watches the movie its worth! I'm not a giant backer of Alex but i do pay attention to his site as well just to see whats going on in some of the Alternative media outlets.....
        I'm a big believer that we are living in the last days and as you watch the events and the warnings of the bible come together it is wild!!
        The game of the New World Order is playing out at hand...Be ready with your plan!!!


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          I just got the Obama deception, haven't watched it yet. Let you know when I am done.


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            i dont think he is the antichrist!but i think he is a led in for it!now if his wife gives birth to a boy then we will no!i am christian and if you read the bible it tells you things about it.but things have to happen first and so far they havent!


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              And I didn't think my day could get any worse…then I watched that. :(
              I knew a lot of it but was really enlightened on quite a few things. Thanks for posting it.
              POW*MIA*KIA Not Forgotten!


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                GlockGirl, I'm sorry to laugh but that just sounded funny to me this morning when I first read it...At least your aware of the game so no worries!

                Themachenic, I don't see obama as that way nor does the movie call him that. AntiChrist is already among us in some office of goverment over in the europe side of the world. What do you mean you can't see anything taking place that the bible talks about? I see plenty and so do many God fearing men and women....

                But again just good to see the movie is helping folks think outside of the box!!
                The game of the New World Order is playing out at hand...Be ready with your plan!!!