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    I have started using empty prescription pill bottles to hold fire starting kits. You can get the bottles in all kinds of sizes. They don't cost anything. I have found them to be pretty water resistant. The testing is not scientific or conclusive but they do float, and the contents have stayed dry. I have not put them in water for any prolonged period of time, so I am not sure how long they will float before they start to take on water, but if you dropped it in some water, and retrieved it quickly you would be safe.

    The contents will vary, but a standard size 2 1/4" high x 1 1/8" diameter with a raised cap will hold a mini Bic lighter; 9 waterproof matches and striker plate (the kind that are like sparklers that won't go out); an 8 1/2" x 10 1/2" piece of aluminum foil; and 2 cotton balls.

    I have one bottle that is 6" high x 2" diameter with a flat closure. I included a mini Bic lighter; a small box of waterproof matches; 8 1/2" x 10 1/2" piece of aluminum foil; two packages of Wet Fire; two cotton balls; and a small pencil sharpener. You could easily replace the pencil sharpener with a small ferro rod.

    This seemed to work better than any other containers I have found. They are very small, but I think you have everything you need. I am kind of anal about keeping my fire starting materials dry so this seemed to work. I want to experiment by putting some tape around the neck to improve the water resistance.
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    To seal it I'd suggest wax. Trim about an 1/8th inch strip from the sticky edge of a large post-it note. Wrap it around the bottle just under the edge of the cap and then dip it in wax making sure the end is sticking up so it makes a pull tab. you also might be able to do it with painters tape. when done dip it in wax a few quick dips and it'll be like those little cheeses. when you need the kit, pull the tab to help make it easier to get in the bottle. Though you could always use a knife or fingernail to dig the wax loose and allow you to twist off the cap.
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