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Lets kick this forum in the ASS.

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  • Lets kick this forum in the ASS.

    So.........this is sleepy forum. BUT, with a little effort on all of our part "WE" can breath some vibrant life into this forum. This assumes the "Moderators" and "Administrators" are willing.

    There is currently a "MASSIVE" void in the area of Quality "Prepping and Survival" forums. There are three or four new forums on the subject and they are just not getting it done, especially as far a quality content.

    There is a Great opportunity now for this forum to fill that void.

    We all have content that we created and we parked on other "Prepping/Survival" Forums. We can bring "Quality" content here. If "WE" create quality content..........those who thirst to quality content will come and drink of the knowledge. We can build this into the best "Prepping/Survival"........period.

    Are you fellow members interested.......???

    One day you eat the day the left-over five days you eat chicken feathers, head and feet.

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    no doubt there is a huge potential and yes we need to get the momentum back. Looking back at all the old threads it's easy to see the huge pool of information that's there. Perhaps we need to encourage the development of more articles and reports. Yes, I'm interested
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      Well...........based on the response, This was a stupid idea.

      So I now ask the owner, what is your plan for this forum, what is your vision for the future of this forum...???

      One day you eat the day the left-over five days you eat chicken feathers, head and feet.


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        Originally posted by smelt
        anyone can join 20 forums and post about this place once on all of them. 10 guys do that and you'll have thousands of viewers here, which will mean 100's of posters, about a score of whom start new topics (and know what they are talking about)
        Well.........if that happens I'll not let the door hit me in the ass as I leave and never come back. That is the last thing that I want in a forum. That is what damaged this forum a few times in the past. I want quality content from people with actual skills and experience. The last thing I want is a bunch of snot'nosed, wet behind the ears children, that don't know their ass from a hole in the ground..........and are hell bent on illustrating it.

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        One day you eat the day the left-over five days you eat chicken feathers, head and feet.


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          OK I'm in, I've been on a few forums in the last 10 years(I was a late starter where computers are concerned) i'm a moderator on another forum.


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            this forum is so slow!!!
            I think I may be wasting my time here.


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              It is slow, I post when I can, but living off rid means I currently have to use my phone batteries wisely, especially now that my tuck is not charging them in either pet nor the cigarette driver (yes, I changed the fuses, it' going to take some further sleuthing).

              I do notice that this website does use more of my electric resources than any other site on the web, it' drain is as great as Pandora or Glympse.This morning my phone is at 93%, so I am willing to use up some battery.

              Another PITA with this site, and not sure if it does the same on my laptop, is that I have to relog
              back in, as my time has expired in order to post a response aboutvas ling as I have written thus far.

              I am getting used to the format/platform, but this is by far the most difficult forum for me to use on the net. It does take determination.

              My favorite feature of this site, is the auto save when my response has not been finished and something crashes or freezes up or something, and I can get back to my mostly written post.

              Quality over quantity. I think getting 1,000s of people right quick will be bad in many ways. Let the forum grow again slowly. just make an effort to post 1-2x a day, and staying active on it will cause others to see that it is active and quality, and as long as there are mods who can watch over and make sure there are no trolls or shannanigans, such as recently happened in the last few months which caused members to leave temporarily, as well as possibly permanently.



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                I was a member of one of the largest prepping forums on the internet and left because of the environment. The forum moderators played favorites to certain members and protected their status and banned others who challenged it.

                I left a Solar forum as well because I was doing research on Lithium Ion batteries for solar storage. I had gotten the idea that I could use a salvaged battery from an electric vehicle like a Nissan Leaf or Chevy Volt. These are huge lithium batteries and can be purchased from cars that have been totaled in collisions for just 1/5 of the price of an off-the-shelf Lithium Ion battery of similar size.

                There were two forum members who were shooting down the idea and posting information about how poorly Lithium Ion performs against lead acid.. using scare tactics about fires, storage, etc. The fear mongering is what made me suspicious so I started digging into information in other places and found out they were lying.. Not bold faced lies, but more of exaggerations an inappropriate comparisons and analogies.
                When challenged, they became rude and insulting... I ignored the attitude and posted links to contradict their statements..

                In the midst of the debate, I discovered these forum members have an interesting hobby.. they build and race electric vehicles and golf carts and the website owner seems to be part of their hobby. Well, that told me what I wanted to know.. These EV batteries are hard to find and sell quickly because there just aren't that many electric vehicles sold in the USA and even fewer that get into accidents bad enough to have them totaled.

                So these forum members are discouraging people from seeking these batteries because they want them for their own purposes... and when called out on it, I got banned... LOL

                You have to be careful in any forum where certain members are protected over others as that means the information you're going to get is suspect for one reason or another.

                The prepping forum I was a member of was basically the same thing.. Two or three long time members would make statements and if you contradicted them, you were out. I watched no less than a dozen members get banned because they simply found information that didn't sit well with their "My way or the Highway" policies.

                Free speech in a forum is important and when website owners curtail that policy based on their own opinions, its a problem and the information starts to degrade quickly.

                There are two kinds of people who join forums to get information.. The first are the "just tell me what to do" crowd. These people don't want to learn what they are doing, they just want to know what to do in order to obtain their goals. These folks are the type who will one day suffer for not learning what they are doing and why they are doing it. They don't learn the science behind it, they just go through the motions. Bad idea in my opinion.
                Then there's the "Tell me why" crowd. This is me.. I don't just want to know what to do, I want to know the science behind why I'm doing it so I have a full and comprehensive understanding of as much detail as possible.

                Keep a forum free and it will eventually grow.. Censor information that doesn't conform to one's own perceptions and people will move away from it.

                So far I like this forum.. its small, but the information seems good.. albeit a bit sparse.. It'll grow, just needs time because it has so many other matured forums casting shadows on it like a tree in the forest.


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                  Murphy: That is a great and accurate post. That large "Prepping" Survival Forum has banned me five times. I am back there and still quite active there. What is interesting is that it was the same "Moderator" banned me everytime, over and over.

                  Most forums don't like members who have extensive "Real" experience at living day-in and day-out the subject being discussed.

                  Most of my fights on Prepping/Survival Forums start the exact same way. Someone say's that you can't do "X" and I reply that I have been doing "X" for 49 years in Alaska. Then it is this war between those who are experts, because they learned all about that subject on the computer. They have zero "Boots in The FIELD" experience on that subject.

                  My User name is 6.8 SPC on that large prepping forum.
                  One day you eat the day the left-over five days you eat chicken feathers, head and feet.