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What I Learned Watching News Networks

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  • What I Learned Watching News Networks

    I learned something while sitting at my sewing machine making quilt tops and quilting them. News channels suck. They don’t have news anymore.

    I keep the tv on when sewing as kind of a background noise during the cold short days of winter. With the windows closed all I can hear with it off is the hum of the fridge and the heat as it kicks on and off . Thus the tv. Even set a low volume sooner or later you realize this is the 3rd or fourth time you have heard/seen this house/cabin being built or decorated, this dish/meal being made or this diner/drive-in/or dive being showcased, the story about this animal/nature and so on for other channels. I was left with cartoons, news, or old tv westerns. Regrettably I chose news. I thought I might learn something since I normally just watch the local evening news and weather….. I did.

    I was bombarded with what one person said about an event and what the “reporters” have to say about what that person said. So I changed to another to another news channel. It was a repeat, almost to the word and sometimes to the very words of what the first channel said. I tried another and another and another. If I was lucky I would get a few tidbits like “it snowed 10 inches in XXXX. This was followed by the “reporters” telling what THEY thought about the snow, how THEY felt about the snow and what THEY thought we should do about the snow stating their own opinions as fact.
    Once the 30 seconds of discussion about how the “reporters” were feeling/thinking/ or opining about the snow was over they went to what someone said about the snow and how wrong they were because someone else or several some ones had said something different. The longer they talked the more horrible what the first person said became usually ending with something like the person was raciest because the snow was white or insane because it doesn’t snow in the winter.

    The only way I could get any news facts was to read the text running across the bottom of the screen. Things line “five car pileup on I44 kills 5” or “3 firefighters killed and 4 injured when fire truck flipped on way to 3 car pileup” or “Amber alert results in arrest of kidnapper of 7 year old”. These blurbs were never spoken or remarked upon.

    At first I was amazed then appalled and after a week, disgusted.

    And the commercials were even worse. Things like “365 mass shootings in US during the past six months”. This intrigued me because surely even the local news would have mentioned more than the ones I had heard about so I went on line to the mass shooting website where a suicide attempt with a gun is listed as a mass shooting. Bewildered I am. Wikipedia says, for what it is worth, according to the Investigative Assistance for Violent Crimes Act of 2012, signed into law in January 2013, a mass shooting is defined as a shooting with at least three victims, excluding the perpetrator. Still I could not come up with the number the ad toted.

    So now I’m reliving my childhood, watching old western favorites like Wagon Train and Cheyenne and the local news and weather, all be it with a new eye.

    Beats the heck out of the so called news on the so called News Networks

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    Gran, It's really nice to see your writing again. Like you, I'm retired and stuck in the house for at least part of the winter and I have the TV on for background noise. I never put it on the "news" anymore. As far as I can tell, there is no news being reported. It's all propaganda. News is being given the facts and we get to decide what we think of it. We don't get that anymore. I've even tried BBC America but they are just a propaganda machine anymore. Have you noticed that you can see the same film on any news network you put it on now. I found out several years ago that all of the networks buy there footage from just 2 sources for anything national or international, so the only things that change are the talking heads. Real news has to be tracked down on computers anymore and even that has to be verified from multiple sources. It would be interesting to hear the talking heads spin on how white women and children are being tortured, mutilated and killed in South Africa and 2 other African nations, just because there white. Or how Christians are being tortured and killed in Laos. I guess the networks are above all of that.

    Judge no one, until you have walked in the same mud and spilt the same blood. Him, I call brother.


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      ZAGran: So glad you are back. We missed you. Main stream media news is an absolute waste of time. It is so biased, and so slanted. They refuse to report on relevant issues of the day. It is all palace intrigue and Trump bashing. I agree with Dalewick. You have to search reliable sources on the net to get real information.

      You might want to go even farther back, and listen to the radio. There are some very good talk shows that are worth listening to. Another choice might be putting your TV on a music station you enjoy. Heaven knows there are dozens to choose from. Good to have you back.
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