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New Hampshire is keeping busy...

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  • New Hampshire is keeping busy...

    They are taking another step forward.

    "Lighthouses are more helpful than churches" Franklin

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    Thank God that there are some people left in this country with common sense.


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      Here is a post I made on another forum, in regards to this issue:

      I am very aware of the situation with the proposed new NHSDF and I can shed some light on it.

      I am not going to stray off-topic, although if anyone has any questions about SDFs in general, you are welcome to contact me, or start another thread elsewhere and tell me about it. I think that going off on a tangent about SDFs would derail this thread.

      Back to the business at hand...

      Please understand that at least one major force behind the new NHSDF is a name I have not seen mentioned yet, and is not a politician. I will refrain from mentioning his name, and his assistant’s name, on a public forum. Suffice to say there is a man, and a friend of his, with questionable former US Army discharge status, who have been run out of every other SDF in the area, trying to start something in NH for their own benefit. When I say “benefit,” I mean in terms of needing to “belong” to something, have a feeling/illusion of power, and ability to create opportunities to misappropriate materiel, and possibly funds, for personal use. As someone who works in law enforcement and specializes in interrogations and criminal psychology, having met both men on many occasions, I firmly believe they are both mentally unstable, manipulative, and pathological liars. I am not educated in making a clinical diagnosis, but I could take my guesses as to what a psychologist would conclude.

      I served in the MA State Guard with these two misfits about five years ago. One of them was commissioned a Captain and the other was a senior NCO. They attempted to “usurp” (for lack of a better term) the power of the state training command and literally write their own SOP, and make soldiers follow it, with no authorization from higher-ups. Between their inability to produce DD214s to prove their Army service, poor leadership skills, and then this training SOP incident, I believe they were pressured to leave MA before the excrement hit the ventilation device in a legal sense.

      The MA State Guard was put into some sort of suspended status about a year ago, so the two men in question could not whine or beg to Governor Patrick anymore, so they set their sights on NH. NH has not had an SDF for a while, I want to say 10-15 years or so, due to what I heard were a series of problems in the old SDF. I was never in the NHSDF so I can not be sure. I also heard that since the NHSDF was disbanded, there were one or two names kept on the records as command staff, however none of them want anything to do with this new regime.

      Someone I know who knows the two men in question, much better than I ever knew them, has also pointed out more information. The two men in question, along with many friends of theirs, participate in WWII German military re-enactments and have an obsession with Nazi logos and cadence music. The group has displayed large framed pictures of Hitler, Rommel, and Goebbels at public re-enactment events, which always draw lots of complaints from the public and is considered to be in bad taste in the re-enactment community (note: I am not involved in re-enacting, I am only passing on what was told to me). The person I know is in charge of many re-enactment events in this area, and said that the group that these two men belong to is regarded far and wide as a bunch of neo-Nazi crackpots whom the re-enacting community is discouraging from attempting to participate in their events.