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Who are you when the pressure is on?

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    I think our banner up top might be pretty accurate in a long term event. Yes, I know it was a fictional TV show and had many shortcomings but it did have it's good points. And whether we like it or not, we will probably be the new leaders. Either officially or "de facto." People look for leaders. Even those who are died in the wool, I'll go it alone, hard corp preppers will either lead or join. In hard times people will notice that we are surviving without too much discomfort and chaos. I'm not suggesting that we will flourish, but hopefully we will be going along without much discomfort. People will gravitate to that and "ta-daa" a leader is born.

    Like thinkers will group together and if necessary defend their group. Dissimilar groups may temporarily join together to battle predators (yes, I believe there are a class of permanent predators out there). The enemy of my enemy is my friend. After that, these groups will discover that either they're not all that dissimilar and merge, or decide that it's best to remain separate but allied for certain situations. It may take a generation or so, but things will go full circle.

    Just myy opinion, YMMV

    TEOTWAWKI happens to all of us everyday. Always be prepared!



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      I think you are probably correct but know in my case I would never volunteer to be a leader. Not out of affection for my fellow man but to keep a low profile.

      The nail that sticks out usually gets the hammer.


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        Sometimes it's not up to you to volunteer:rolleyes:

        Sometimes it's good to be the hammer:D

        TEOTWAWKI happens to all of us everyday. Always be prepared!



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          a general response

          When I was a kid I lived outside Los Angles and my uncle (a LA Sheriff Deputy) was shot and crippled, which was a kindness of sorts as he had 7 children and he got on in life with-out being shot again.
          Long before the Watts Riots several PPL I knew were mowed down in a tavern by punks looking to make a 'Big Score' on pay-day. I still avoid taverns on pay-days.
          The Watts riots along with the Cuban Missle Crisis was the bed rock of my youth, I saw rampant violence (PPl were shooting at airliners and being mowed-down by 30 cal LMGs during the riots!). The Cuban Crisis emptied store shelves in mere hours!
          Today there are more than 87 large gangs fom more than 57 different countrys in the USA. If the SHTF these gangs will try to take-over large portions of US cities and of course the Govt will fight back. During this time neighborhoods will form protective groups based on commonalities both ethnic, geographic, and economic. It is common scense that the folks with the most cash will have the best guns, and be the biggest target. I do not envy the rich, nor anyone else in the cities. And I pity the good folks in the country as well.
          Who will I be when the pressure is on?
          I'm the sucker that thinks I can make things better by helping the weak. I am also the man that knows that I'm a sucker. Stay tuned for film at '11'.
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          The road to serfdom is paved with free electric golf carts.


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            well said.....

            The best thing you can do to support the site is pass it on to your friends and fav sites like other forums, facebook, twitter etc. Let people know about us! :)


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              There is a difference between being a leader and leading. I am all for leading by example but I know better than to put my name out in front, you will be knocked down.

              Being the hammer means you are exerting your will over another. I am a Christian and as such an imperfect being. To think that I know better than others is pride/ego. A person can have facts that are superior and they may have knowledge that is appropriate but that is different then your will versus another.

              This has never worked in my life either through force or persuasion or threats. Those who are convinced against their will are of the same opinion still as Dave Ramsey says.


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                The diversity on this board is what will power the discussions necessary for us to thrive. Our opinions may vary, but our respect for each other will guide us.

                Das, my opinion on leadership differs from yours. IMHO leading by example is leadership, the only difference is responsibility. I think what you are describing is dictatorship, not leadership. I have seen many so called "leaders" knocked down because they were dictators, not leaders.

                The only reason I referred to being a hammer was a somewhat lighthearted response to your nail analogy. Being the hammer does not necessarily mean exerting your will over anothers, that is being a dictator. However if there is someone in your group who is not acting in the best interest of the group someone has to have a conversation with that person and determine their future with the group.

                Pride/ego are characteristic of a dictator, not a leader. For example, say I've been a bona fide certified mechanic for 20 yrs., and you admit that you know two things about vehicles, where the key goes and where the fuel goes. Is it wrong for me to think that I know more than you regarding vehicles?

                If a person has superior facts/knowledge, and I'm the leader of their group, then I would be an idiot not to seek their guidance and assistance. I have been a leader in my work life and in my non work life. Leader type decisions are always made with input from your team. This does not mean that it is a democracy, but a leader makes decisions based on all available information.

                To continue the mechanic analogy, let's say you are a member of my motor pool team, and as such we all do "X" the way I've done it for 20 yrs. After doing it a few times, you realize that it would be easier, more cost effective, safer or whatever to do "X" a different way. A dictator would ignore you under the guise of "That's the way I've done it for 20 yrs., I'm the expert so that's the way we will continue to do it." A leader will listen to your idea and if it is better, then decide we will do it your way for the appropriate reason. And, most importantly, give you the proper credit.

                And finally, I don't understand how you could "convince" someone against their will. If you force someone do do something against their will, you haven't convinced them of anything other than you are a dictator and an idiot.

                Sorry, I am unfamiliar with Dave Ramsey.
                ENJOY AND STAY SAFE

                TEOTWAWKI happens to all of us everyday. Always be prepared!