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Gyro trac

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  • Gyro trac

    Have you ever seen the Gyro Trac's in use? I have one coming out to my house on Sunday to eat up some brush piles and to clear some land. These things are awesome.

    [ame] 41F46&playnext=1&index=7[/ame]

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    Holy crap! I've never even heard of those things before.
    It would make a great BOV. If anything got in your way, just eat it up!


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      You can get an attachment like that for skidsteers. My buddy has one to mow R.O.W.'s that he contracts out. They are EXPENSIVE! He hit a manhole lid in the middle of a right of way that was covered in brush, he cut about a inch out of it before he could stop. Trees don't stand a chance.


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        one thing I like is that it turns brush and tree's to mulch.
        one thing I hate is it turns brush and tree's to mulch.
        I hade 10 acres in the mountains that my wife and I were going to build on, and when money got tight we sold it, but before we did we had part of it cleared so as to get more out of it.
        After I saw it cleared I was sick to see it that was and it sold quick.

        Kinda like a contractor friend of mine who said he loved to take "worthless"land and develop it by putting houses on it, I looked at him and told him he was the one making it worthless.

        One great thing about this machine like this tho is it puts everything right back on the ground so it doesn't strip topsoil like a dozer does.
        looks like it would be fun to operate thru briars tho, lol