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  • General Observations

    What are your general observations of your area regarding the economy?

    In my area:

    The high school recently cancelled a club competition to another area due to students not being able to afford the cost of renting a bus for transportation and also not able to pay the entry fee.

    I have noticed A LOT of for sale signs in my town as well as an increase in foreclosure notices in the paper.

    Since the reselling of children's clothing due to lead was banned, there has become like a black market for said items. :p

    Two family-style restaurants have gone out of business.

    Coupon use has increased and I notice this because I run a local coupon group.

    I, personally, know several people who have been laid off and/or had their hours cut.

    We live in a rural area and that is about all I have observed from our small town.

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    they have started asking the parents at my son's school to bring snacks because of budget cuts

    i have seen several houses without for sale/rent signs just empty out, thats so sad

    several new business' here went under shortly after opening
    :D If you weren't prepared, then doom on you. (doom on you, doom on you) - Ice Age