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Alleged "FEMA Camps" - your evidence/suspicions?

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  • Alleged "FEMA Camps" - your evidence/suspicions?

    OK first of all let me state--- thus far, XC has not been deluged with thousands of threads beating this topic to death. Let's keep it that way. What I want to do here is ask for people to share any original, firsthand evidence (even circumstantial) that they have about these camps.

    The purpose of this thread is not to re-hash the many rumors that exist on other sites, or to post links to alleged documents, lists, etc.

    Personally, I have spent most of the past 14 years or so of my life in various capacities in the US Army MP Corps. Whether active duty or Guard, I have done a lot, seen a lot, met a lot of people, and done more than my fair share of alcohol-induced "unofficial" chat after hours.

    In all of my travels, I have come across absolutely zero evidence that I can say without a doubt points to any of these camps being set up or planned.

    However...I will say this. I ran into a few instances of things that can not be fully explained, while serving in Massachusetts. Since they may be related to the camp rumors, I will share them here. Perhaps they will get someone's mind working to put pieces of the puzzle together.

    The most significant is back in 2005 when Katrina hit and many people were displaced. Camp Edwards was selected as a relocation center. A close friend of mine was an NCO in the MP company assigned to the base. Without getting into too much detail, he was alarmed at the level of security that was emplaced at the cantonment area where the people were housed. He said they were looked upon just about the same as prisoners, however MPs were discouraged from having any direct contact with them unless absolutely necessary; the Red Cross and FEMA workers generally were the only ones in contact with the refugees. The whole series of events was very strange and seemed like it could be a dress rehearsal for something else.

    Other things that raised my eyebrows were observed at Fort Devens. I was one of the last MPs to work the gates there as a Federal base, and have since been back countless times for training. I know for a fact, from several firsthand experiences as well as stories from friends, that something is afoot in the area known as the Oxbow Wildlife Reserve, south of state route 2. I am not sure what it is, but I have witnessed unusual vehicle traffic there, and a few odd details that do not mesh with anything that should be going on there. I really don't feel comfortable saying much more about Oxbow. The Federal Medical Center (FMC Devens), while a secure facility, is not the kind of place whose layout makes it ideal to have all kinds of prisoners held there. I do not feel that the FMC has anything to do with any FEMA plans. I was there when it was built, I actually patrolled the construction site, I know the facility and the land around it, and do not believe anything sinister is going on there. The one remaining odd thing about Devens (and Camp Edwards, now that I think of it) is how many old WWII-era barracks are still standing years after they were supposed to be demolished, and only in certain areas. I can vouch for the fact that many, if not all, are still structurally sound, having been inside of them on many occasions. Though they may have rotting windowsills and windows are even falling out, the walls, stairways, and floors of most of the buildings remain solid. I reiterate that it is as if certain blocks of these buildings are the ones being preserved, and it would not be beyond the realm of possibility that those area would be easier to quickly fence off, and guard, compared to having random buildings all over the base. Before anyone mentions all of the residences on Devens that have not been demolished, those are now state property, and are used by local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies for training, which is why many are still standing.

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    Our government is our friend. They would never hurt us. If I ever say differently, then put it down to alcohol-induced unofficial chat after hours.

    That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.
    "Be Excellent to Each Other"


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      Theoretically, it makes sense to have preperations for a large refuge situation...however, if it looks like Internment, sounds like Internment, it probably IS Internment. Internment=Prison. However, we are lucky in America to have experience with Internment Camps, and everyone knows that after being Interned (for your own good) that you can turn around and sue the government.;)
      I'm going to ask my ex MP son what he might know about this or if he can find out more.


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        Some will be locked up for their own good.
        Some will be locked up for good.
        Some will be locked up because they have no home.
        Some will be locked up because they have a home.
        Some will not be locked up because they can't be found.
        Those who can't be found will be hunted.
        Those who are hunted will be killed
        Those who are sick will be killed.
        Those who are old will be killed.
        Those who cannot be forced into slave lobor will be killed.
        Those who are killed never existed.:eek:
        Those who read this ...may not like it...:mad:


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          What's up with northern Maine?

          Ok I got a buddy that is a super conspiracist. He told me about northwestern Maine west of 95 is almost entirely private roads. What is the deal with that? Look on a roadmap there are no small roads shown on MapQuest and Yahoo Map. Could this be where those internment camps that everyone is fired up about.


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            If Oxbow is a wildlife preserve, there should be roads going into it where people can drive and check things out. Just because you can't hunt in a wildlife preserve doesn't mean that you can't drive there.
            Know any private plane owners? How about seeing if someone will take you for a fly over to check out the area?


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              Originally posted by RossA View Post
              If Oxbow is a wildlife preserve, there should be roads going into it where people can drive and check things out. Just because you can't hunt in a wildlife preserve doesn't mean that you can't drive there.
              Know any private plane owners? How about seeing if someone will take you for a fly over to check out the area?
              As far as I know, there is no full public access to it, just a parking area which is intended for stopping and taking photos and whatnot. Visibility from that point however is not much, especially when the trees are covered in foliage.

              I do not know the laws regarding civilian aircraft flying over the area. I do know it is immediately adjacent to an area that is on aviation charts as some sort of restricted airspace, because it is home to about 20 ranges for everything from pistols to mortars. Thus, I do not know if civilian craft can fly over.

              I have flown over the area many times both in fixed and rotary-wing aircraft, and even from extremely low altitudes, I could not locate anything that screamed of significant activity.

              To make a long story short, the things that make me suspicious about that area are all related to things I have observed from the ground. The Oxbow NWR area used to be a part of Fort Devens proper, during WWI and WWII. Thus, there were buildings and roads there at one point, but the last time I was there only faint remains of foundations and the buried tops of roadbeds were visible. On several occasions I witnessed unusual vehicle traffic, and vehicles that should not have been in that are driving around there. Twice I inquired about what was going on, only to be told to basically mind my own business and not worry about it. As an NCO who has trained at Devens many times, I have seen both old and new range and training area maps of the base, and that area has not been labeled as a training area or range going as far back as the 1960s. There's a lot I could say about things that myself and the soldiers in a unit I was in witnessed there, but only so much I feel comfortable about posting in public.