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thanks A LOT guys...

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  • thanks A LOT guys...

    I finally got around to sitting my husband down to watch some Jericho...

    guess what I did yesterday? NOTHING! why you ask? I spent 5 straight hours watching Jericho. And then I promised my husband and my best friend (who came over when we started and didn't leave till episode 5 she's hooked too) that I wouldn't watch any without them and guess what? I couldn't sleep so I watched 2 more episodes! OMG I'm hooked... best show ever!

    Why did they cancel???

    Niki :)
    :D If you weren't prepared, then doom on you. (doom on you, doom on you) - Ice Age

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    NO CLUE!! why they cancelled it!

    Isn't it an awesome show? :)

    Glad we could turn you on to it

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      Wife and I bought both seasons...didn't stop watching till the last episode! Absolutely love it!
      I'd watched it back when it was on the air, but skipped several episodes.


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        My wife bought me season 1 for Christmas because she knew how pissed
        I was when it got cancelled. She had never seen any of the episodes.

        I asked her to watch them with me....
        After the first one... she was hooked.
        Four episodes later it was time for bed.
        She has been out of town for the last few days, she called me and said
        she wanted to watch 4 more when she got home ;)

        God's Peace



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          Looks like I gotta get me some of them there DVD's. I never saw the show, either.
          As to why it was taken off the air, if it was quality entertainment, that's why it was cancelled.


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            I watched an early episode and just didn't think it was realistic.
            They had kids trick or treating after the nukes. Kinda turned me off
            the series.


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              LOVED the show!!! And then I got hooked on "Lost" too. I spend a lot of late night hours watching DVDs
              "Be Excellent to Each Other"


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                I think it was canceled because it was too realistic. Wikipedia says that one of the producers is going to make it into a movie.
                On January 15, 2009, Executive Producer Jon Turteltaub announced that he is developing a feature film version of the series.


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                  Originally posted by barkingowl View Post
                  I think it was canceled because it was too realistic. Wikipedia says that one of the producers is going to make it into a movie.

                  That would be awesome!! And then the movie would do so well, they'd have to start up the series again.
                  "Be Excellent to Each Other"


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                    spoiler alert

                    started season 2 last night....

                    I gotta say honestly I cried like a baby when Johnston Green died. WTF was that? He's my favorite, he's exactly the kind of leader I would want in a situation like that. Boo well CBS sucks cuz they killed Johnston and then the whole show... effers....

                    I hope they make a movie....

                    Also I honestly thought that Hawkins was a terrorist just a really nice one, I was surprised to find out who he really was...

                    someone please tell me season 2 ends well and that there is some closure?
                    :D If you weren't prepared, then doom on you. (doom on you, doom on you) - Ice Age


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                      I was unable to see the shows regularly due to my work schedule. I would love to get the seasons 1 and 2 DVDs. Where is a good place to get them. I assume Wally world wouldn't carry them. Online?


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                        Actually, Wal-Mart has both seasons of Jericho available online.

                        I would see no reason why Wal-Mart also wouldn't have them in the brick-and-mortar stores, at very least by order.
                        "Apocalypse is by no means inevitable." --Jim Rice.


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                          Picked up season 1 last week. I watched the first 5 episodes this weekend. I can't wait to see some more. When it first started on TV I caught the first 2 shows, then my shift changed and never saw it again. I have been told many things about the show, but really want to see what happens.
                          He who lives with the most toys, wins.


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                            Why do they always cancel good shows?