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The Dark Divide

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  • The Dark Divide

    [I] live near a mountain that has a draw, or Divide named after a man named Dark. That draw is about 30 miles long and UFO hunters gather there thinking that the name itself gaurentees some supernatural experience. That never happens. 'Dark' is just a man's name, like Smith or Jones, yet there are UFOLIGISTS that cling like leaches to that name.
    It seems that some words have a power over the weak minded.
    Words have come easy for that new and different kind of man, our prezzy, who wants to remake our nation by creating a Revelotionary Govt.
    In 3 weeks your new prezzy has singeled out by NAME certain AM radio talk show hosts that disagree with him for ram-roding and his ileagle socialist agenda through congress. The new Prezzy has heaped scorn upon them and others who excercise thier God Given right to free speech. WHERE and WHEN has any American PREZZY singeled-out individuals BY NAME who were not enemys of America? These acts and words of my mama have power on the weak minded, his words are like a spoken death warrant. My mama has one talent, delivering a speech, but even a football coach can do that, beyond that he has shown a frightening lack of knowlage on all topics beyond his commie inspired domestic policy and a willingness to supress the freedoms of others. His actions have already affected the nation's economic woe's for the worst and more tears are yet to come. The man is a presidend looking to become a tyrant,
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    The road to serfdom is paved with free electric golf carts.