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National Gaurd?

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    Great advice from everyone else on this topic and I agree with all of it. I am a former Marine myself and my son just finished up 4 years in the Corps and three tours in Iraq. It was the right choice for us but it is not for everybody. If your heart is not really into joining the military then one option for you is to leave your area and head to where there is work for your trade. I am always amazed that some people will sit unemployed where they live and not head to where the work is. Since leaving the military I have lived and worked all over the world and the US. I know there is a ton of work for your trade down on the Texas coast in the Galveston area. They are hurting for carpenters and trim carpenters down there. Of course you will have to go down there in person to get hired. One thing I did for years was go from job to job and pulled a travel trailer to live in. If you have a family that might be something to think about. It is tough for everyone being away from them but a man has to suck it up to take care of the family. A guy alone can survive on very little until the money starts coming in. After that you can decided whether to have your family join you or just tough it out and bank some money then head hom. In these times we have to remain flexible and adapt. Being mobile and willing to go to where the work puts you ahead of the game. Just some thoughts for you to consider. Good luck!


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      oil field? lol helz na!!.... well I have decided not to join the gaurd, and got a job installing satallites and satallite systems for direct tv. just finished my training... 18 days of free work...but it will be worth it for me in the long run..... I think I will enjoy my savilian life just fine........
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