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  • methusaleh
    Good decision; are you sure that the regular Army may not be more what you need? That's a full-time career with a steady paycheck, tons of travel, and plenty of useful training.

    I've done a total of about 13 years in the Army Guard over the course of several enlistments, but have not served since 2007. I don't know the recruiting situation these days, but I would not count on reporting for Basic immediately, it may take up to six months or so, during which time you need to have a job (I presume) to pay your bills. Heck, it may even take longer than that, but I am not sure. Once you go through MEPS, you will be able to drill with your new unit and get paid, but only as an E1.

    Once you complete Basic and AIT, you will return home and need a regular job; the Guard is not a full-time job and should not be relied upon for a sole source of income.

    When you meet with a recruiter, ask what MOSs have enlistment bonuses right now. If you want an honest answer from an outside source (recruiters can be like used car salesmen if you know what I mean), get your hands on a copy of Army Times newspaper, they usually run articles about MOSs with bonuses frequently. Then take the ASVAB (have you already?) and see if you qualify for any. That would put a larger chunk of change in your pocket once you are done with training.

    If you want to get deployed, then you can purposefully choose an MOS that will place you in a unit that has a scheduled deployment in the foreseeable future. Or, conversely, if you do not want to deploy soon, an honest recruiter could tell you what units have just returned and who is scheduled to be deployed when.

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  • ridgid1
    started a topic National Gaurd?

    National Gaurd?

    Well I just home from the mountains This week to find that I was pretty much jobless and it is virtualy imposible to find anyone to hire me rightnow expesially making what i make in this line of work... I work in construction and with the economy the way it is nobody wants to spend any money right now.
    So.... I was thinkin of joining the ARMY National Gaurd. They will pay me to go get my g.e.d wich i dont have give me $10 to $20,000 for an inlistment bonus, plus pay for me to go to college, all the binafits in the world, Training I cant pay for anywhere else, and still be able to come home most of the month...... Just not tottaly sure about it with the Goverments sittuation at the moment, so I thought I would post this to get some feed back from what you guys thought about it.

    yea:confused:? or nay?