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Plastic Barrels

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  • Plastic Barrels

    Besides the obvious water storage. what are some other uses for 55gal and 3gal. drum barrels? I went to my local drive thru car wash and they had signs posted for free barrels. I got one 55 gal. and one 30 gal. white plastic barrels.
    Yall may want to check at your car washes for free barrels. These had soap in them so I figure with water and baking soda they should come clean for water storage. What do yall think?

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    if they were originally for soap, I'm guessing they are not a food-grade plastic.
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      No probably not food grade. I cleaned one out with baking soda and it took the soapy smell away, I may fill it up with water and try it in few days.


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        I made a septic system out of one for my travel trailer on my BOL. Works like a champ.


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          If they have the recycling symbol with a "2" in it they are (or were) food grade. I found this out on a food storage site when I was looking for the Poly buckets!


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            No recycling symbol on them at all.


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              Originally posted by BROWNING12 View Post
              No recycling symbol on them at all.
              I use bleached out drywall mud buckets......they're absolutely air-tight and tough, and very easy to clean.....
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                1. Composter
                2. Manure Digester for Methane production
                3. Solar water heater/shower unit
                4. Rain water collector
                5. High capacity water filter
                6. Survival and prepardness container for burial of supplies
                7. Container for out house or improvised toilet
                8. Improvised wind turbine to generate electrical power to drive small alternator generator
                9. Improvised plant/vegetable containers
                10. Improvised wash tubs for clothing or dishes
                11. High cap grain/oat containers
                12. Improvised animal/fish traps
                13. Improvised egg incubator/hatchery
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                  Filled with sand or dirt they make good portable barricades that can be rolled in to position. Filled with concrete they make a good counter weight for tractors ( I use 1 hooked to my 3 point hitch ). I have drilled them full of holes and used them for dry wells and sumps. Use them to build docks, small bridges and pontoon boats or barges. I also store my kerosene and diesel fuel in them. Up here in maine you can find them in food grade also, they are used for veg. oil, juice concentrate, olives. These I would not have a problem using for food or water storage but ones used for chemicals should not be used for food or drinking water.