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if tshtf and you where at work how many would be ready?

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    Well, I am in the middle of downtown, but have a vending machine source as well. The car, would be hard to get out of downtown, assuming it is running depending on the scenario. If I had to hump it out of there, it would be through the shittiest part of the city, and would not be too fun. Wear a gun belt to work every day, so no worries there.
    The wife depending on the day works approximately 17 miles away from home, and depending on her location, depends on what all I need to do.
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      I work from home so everything is within grasp. When I do need to go out on calls & visit clients & I have my carry piece on me with a spare magazine. But as far as a BOB is concerned I don't have one. :(


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        I work in the downtown area of a large city 40 miles away. Traffic in/out is always pretty bad, and it often takes an hour or more to commute. I've made it a point to know ALL the back roads to and from. If I can get to the city limits, it's all gravy. I have a 4x4, CB, cell phone, GPS, and several detailed maps of the outlying area (just in case I have to swing further outside the area than expected) The gas tank is never less than half full.

        I keep a well equipped BOB, med kit, and a rifle/ammo in my'd be surprised at how much you can discreetly stash behind the seat of a regular cab p/u.

        I have a CCW permit, and carrying a handgun has been part of my daily routine since 'round about 1994.....I haven't been unarmed a single day in well over a decade.

        I started keeping the rifle handy when it became clear that BHO was a contender for POTUS--since the area I work in is predominantly ethnic, I have a feeling that if anything were to happen to Dear Leader--especially an assassination attempt--a full scale race riot would ensue. The primary SHTF scenario is a bad hurricane, but we get plenty of warning about those---I just won't be here. The secondary scenario around here (IMO) would be racial violence.

        Some people say I'm paranoid, but I don't particularly care. I flat out refuse to be the next Reginald Denny. I don't discuss my vehicle contents with coworkers, I'm just another country boy with a pickemup truck. (no political, RKBA or NRA stickers--I don't believe in advertising what my vehicle may or may not contain)

        To the original question: I know that I don't have everything I may need at the office--my only real useful tools will be a pocket knife and a Zippo.....but if I can get the 100 yards to the parking lot, my chances of getting home get exponentially better......I've got everything but a cop and a medic:D

        Just in case it hasn't been mentioned, it's a good idea to test your GHB and gear.....I know that I have a minimum of 40 miles to get home, and the first GHB I put together was too heavy to tote. I found out that 20-25 lbs is about the max weight I'd want to lug those kind of distances and still be able to run if necessary. (I recently hiked 30 miles in just over 12 hrs with a 30 lb pack....felt it for a week, but it's do-able.)

        I ain't as young as I used to be:(


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          I work at home :) yes I am a SAHM :)
          Jax goes to pre-school about 10 mins from here which was as close as I could get him, and Robs works and schools 10 mins from here as well. So hopefully all would be well.
          :D If you weren't prepared, then doom on you. (doom on you, doom on you) - Ice Age