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How the other half live

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  • How the other half live

    From time to time I go out and search for those who call us kooks and crazies and then I procede to torament them. I found this one page that really got me going.

    They believe they are all going to pull together in those bad times and sunshine, water and food will spring from the ground or something. Here was my responce.

    Ok I am a repeated hurricane survivor. I have seen first hand how communities pulled together to help each other loot the community store. So as several people have said lets help each other. In times of crisis I should be able to count on a few readers here to supply my family with water....Ok who here is the candle maker? hhhmm Can at least someone sew me a new shirt??? Well who's house do I show up to so I can get a few gas cans filled? Since I was counting on the community I don't have anything but pork and beans to eat. Who here has some roast I can get or a bit of veggies???? Thats what I thought. You have none to give. Oh thanks so much.

    Oh yes I have seen how people pull together and thats the reason why my friends and family made it just fine without FEMA, Red Cross, or anybody else for that matter.

    Many may call me crazy but those people watching me fill my truck up on the side of the road from a tank in the back sure looked envious. I guess I could do as you suggested and gave everyone a cup full, for the community you know. They did't ask for any though. Probably my wife watching my back with the AR-15 gave them pause.

    For Sue Lyons way up at the top. And I quote "If my only choice was to survive in my little cabin way back in the woods while everyone else starves and freezes to death, I think I would rather go suck on a gas pipe, while there is still some gas left!"
    Please do the world a favor and do it now. That statement made me ill.

    I'm sorry. It's my first Rant....:o

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    Don't just rant----RAVE also!:D


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      That old TV series Kung Fo with David Carridean would say that the are misguided souls. I think everyone has a starting point of learning among grim reality including ourselves, however I thing we have a more real aspect of coming GRIM REALITY. PHR


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        I can't believe I posted that. This is what happens when you have 12 half failed attempts to make Rusty's beer glasses. I say half failed because there was fuel, fire, and broken glass. Not to mention all those bottles had to be emptied. That always has to be a positive.