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    That was a great read. Especially when you take into account the proximity, literal and actual, of George Soros.

    If it makes you feel any better, the politicians over here are almost as oily as the ones you guys have.

    There's an old saying over here, 'We're 10 years behind America'. It used to be a positive statement, meaning that whatever new technological innovation, surgical procedures or human rights advancements would eventually be winging their way over to our shores. Nowadays it's still said, but with a more negative element to it.

    You've probably heard about one of our most famous comedians, Billy Connolly. Before he joined the PC brigade, he was more like a cross between Bill Hicks and Richard Pryor. Part political firebrand and part foul-mouthed man of the people. He had a famous quote, quite appropriate in these times; 'The desire to be a politician should prohibit you legally from ever becoming one!!'