I've just finished watching the pre-inaugural events on HBO. I' m 52 years old and I can't remember from the time I started taking notice of such things any inauguration with this much pomp. Nor can I remember a president-elect taking such an active roll in the events of America prior to his taking office. If I'm missing something, somebody please remind me. During this concert or whatever the event was called, there was a steady parade of celebrities such as; Beyonces, Tiger Woods, Stevie Wonder, James Taylor, Garthe Brooks, Sheryl Crow, etc., etc., etc. Every song was about either America, or scraping your way to the top. In between the the performances of the artist, other celebrities would come out and read a quote from Abaham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr., Robert Kennedy, Rosa Parks, and other personalities from the past. As I watched I wonder: What is the agenda here?

The first time I saw Barack Obama it was during the Democratic National Convention of 2004. I remember thinking to myself "this guy is an up and comer, we will hear from him again". Little did I know that in just 4 short years, this man would be our next president. Let me take the opportunity to say right here and now that I could care less that Obama is black. He is obviosly a very intelligent man, not to mention charismatic. I believe that he is quite capable of running the country and has surrounded himself with people that have the experience that he lacks. This is the part that bothers me greatly. He does lack experience and I think that we could all agree with that. So, how did this happen? How did a junior senator come out of nowhere and become President of these United Stated? How did Obama beat Hillary Clinton with the backing of her ex-president husband, Bill? These were two of the most powerful people in Washington D. C. Do not forget the things that these folks have survived; White-water gate, Monica, the Department of Transportation issue, etc. How many people mysteriously disappeared that was connected to the Clintons? Yet, a junior senator kicked them to the curb.

The question to me is this; who is the power behind Obama? How did this man raise millions for his campaign? How much of these millions came from foreign money? How much came from Muslim interest? What about the concerns surrounding his birth certificate? If there is nothing to it then why was it allowed to go to the Supreme Court for a ruling? Why not just produce the birth certficate and get it behind him? I don't have an answer to any of these questions. But, I can make some observation.

I believe that this forum got it's start back in May of last year. We are growing quickly in leaps and bounds. Never in history has there been so much material on how to survive. The interest in this subject is unprecedented. People are not buying guns and ammo just because they believe Obama is going to put a ban on one or the other or both. That would be like saying they are buying and stocking up on food for the same reason. No, people sense something is wrong and that there is something on the horizon that is going to change the face of the world and the face of America. The economy is on the verge of collapse. It is not going to recover. The Middle East is about to boil over and I have never seen America as despised as it is now. The cold war with Russia has found new life and our military is weaker than I have ever seen it. Yes, there will be change in America, but not change we need.

Like the great Roman Empire, the great American Empire is emploding. If it is wrong, we embrace it, if it is right we shun it. We say that homosexuality is an alternative lifestyle. Abortion is just another form of birth control. He who dies with the most toys wins. If you are weak, get out of the way, we don't have time for compassion. If it feels good, do it, if it hurts somebody else, it doesn't matter as long as we met our own needs. Our up and coming generation is absolutely lost. They are followers with a hunger for self service and they have no backbone.

We talk on this forum of things to come and what we can do to survive them. Most of us believe that the world as we know it is coming to an end and have no idea of what, if anything, will rise from the ashes. Most of us believe this, yet we have chose not to talk about God for fear of offending someone or causing strife in the forum. Suffer me for a moment. I think it was Billy Graham that said "if God doesn't judge America He is going to owe Sodom and Gomorah an apology" and he was right.

There is a time coming when every man and woman is going to have to make a stand on what they belive. Maybe it will be your personal belief in the freedom that you think you have as an American. Maybe it will be whatever you think are your rights as a human being. Whatever it is, I hope it serves you well in the world to come. I have no faith in my percieved rights as an American. Whatever my rights are as a human being will only be equal to the value that another person puts on it and my ability to defend what I percieve as my rights, so I place no faith in them. By God's grace I will put my faith in Him and make my stand on that truth.