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Anyone here subscribe to Countryside Magazine?

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  • Anyone here subscribe to Countryside Magazine?

    First of all, I swear that I don't work for the magazine!

    But seriously, does anyone here read it? I do and love it. It's got such a wealth of information in it. I'd highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn the "how tos" on a variety of subjects.

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    I don't subscribe to it, but I visit the website often. Between that magazine and Backwoods Home, I've learned a lot.
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      I do...

      I love Countryside magazine...

      I also subscribe to:

      Backwoods Home-awesome mag, lots of homesteading stuff in there... many thought provoking pieces...

      Grit- alot like Countryside... except the acticles are different so it is like getting a part 2 every month ;)

      Backyard Poultry- very good magazine written from the 'small scale' egg and meat production point of view. Lots of coop plans and ideas...

      Check these out as well :)


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        Howdy, Pony!

        I like Countryside, but I've let my subscription lapse. I'll have to renew it.
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          Right on!

          I used to have a gazillion subscriptions for all my hobbies, now I am down to Backwoods Home, Countryside, and The Backwoodsman. Picked up my first copy of Wilderness Way this past weekend and love it! That and the Backwoodsman may not be for everyone, as most of the techniques discussed are very primitive, but worth a look for anyone who visits XColony IMHO.

          Then again..."primitive" by today's standards may end up being "the norm" in a few years if things really go downhill....